art therapy

What is art therapy?

Miracle of Art Therapy

Art therapy was proved as a treatment in 1940s. After that time there have been many different researches about its benefits. Art therapy is also called creative arts therapy or expressive arts therapy. Art therapy is useful for all people at any age. From kids to adults who have psychological problems can use art therapy. Art therapy acts as an self expression for many people. Art therapy can increase people’s awareness, promote problem solving skill ,  develop people’s interpersonal skills, improve people’s mood, improve concentration, improve people’s coping skills, facilitate empathy and develop communication skills.

There are professional art therapists trained in both therapy and art. These art therapists are so knowledgeable about human psychology and human’s spirituality and connected that with the art .Art therapists work with many different people such as kids, adults, families, couples who have bad psychological problems in their life. Even people who don’t have any problems can use art therapy to decrease their stress and tiredness from work.

Here are some examples about situations that can be treated by art therapy and different kinds of art therapies with complete detailed information for each. Information that is needed for everyone to know and gain valuable knowledge about it and share it with people who are not familiar with this kind of therapy.


What is art therapy good for?

According to many proved researches, Art therapy can be a powerful treatment that can be used for many psychological problems that people may have experienced once in their life.

  1. People who have different mental health problems.
  2. People who have social or behavioral problems.
  3. People who have severe stress symptoms.
  4. People who have learning difficulties.
  5. People who can not express their feelings.
  6. People who have depression.
  7. People who have experienced bad event in their life.
  8. People who suffer from brain injury.
  9. People who have different family or relationship problems in their life.
  10. People who have bad eating disorders.
  11. People who have cancer.
  12. People who are so timid.


Healing Arts

There are so many different art therapies suggested by art therapists that are available for people who have problems mentioned above to do according to their personal preferences.

  1. Drawing
  2. Doodling
  3. Working with clay
  4. Painting
  5. Doing photography
  6. Sculpting
  7. Making poetry
  8. Carving
  9. Doing digital art
  10. Writing
  11. Doing finger painting
  12. Making different collages
  13. Scribbling
  14. Pottery

Should everyone use art therapy?

Art therapy can be defined as treatment for an illness or any psychological problems that a person can have. Basically there is no need for everyone to use art therapy but this therapy can be useful for anyone who is interested, because it can make people more creative and happier than normal and also decrease their stress and tiredness too. Art therapy is also known as self-discovery tool which can find people’s hidden talents in art. Art can not be bad for anyone and everyone should take many advantages out of it.