basil benefits

Basil and its benefits


Basil which is also called great basil is a warm weather herb that contains B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C  and K vitamins. It has also rich in some minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, zinc, manganese, potassium and selenium. In addition to having so many benefits, it tastes great in many dishes. Here are some awesome benefits of Basil which are good to know and share with other people like friends and family members.


Wonderful Benefits of Basil


  1. Curing fever

Basil is one of the best natural remedies for curing fever. Basil has so many great antibiotic properties that can decrease fever in short time.


  1. Treating asthma

According to some researches, extract of basil can improve breath function and reduce the number of asthma attacks in people. Also it’s important to know that massaging it over the chest will reduce congestion in people suffering from asthma.


  1. Reliving headaches

Basil is a natural scented herb that can treat migraine headaches. For best efficiency some of basil leaves can be boiled with water and drank as herbal tea to treat bad headaches.


  1. Improving heart health

By keeping LDH in balanced level, basil can protect heart from many serious problems. It’s great for keeping heart in healthy and normal condition.


  1. Reducing stress

Basil works as a natural adaptogen in body and can reduce stress and improve mental health. Also it can treat all other symptoms related to stress such as tiredness and sleeping problems too. In this busy world where everyone’s life is full of stress basil can help you to stay calm and relaxed.

  1. Being good for eye health

Basil is rich in vitamin A which is a important vitamin for eyesight. Basil can prevent some of serious eye problems such as night blindness and glaucoma. It’s best to use it fresh in salads to get most benefit out of it.


  1. Boosting immune system

By increasing the number of T helper cells, Basil is great for protecting body against viruses, bacteria and fungi. It can boost immune system of body which is so important for overall health.


  1. Improving skin health

Basil is rich in anti aging properties that can reduce wrinkles and clear pores. It can make skin look more young and rejuvenated. Also because of having vitamin C it can brightens up the skin and remove scars too


  1. Fighting cancer

Basil is so rich in antioxidants that can detox your body against harmful chemicals that can lead to cancer which is one of the most common diseases in these days all over the world that can lead to death.


  1. Improving oral health

Basil contains oils in it which are anti bacterial and can kill all harmful bacteria from mouth which can cause tooth decay in people.


  1. Treating bites of insects

Basil is rich in some chemical compound that is called eugenol. This chemical compound can treat and relieve itchy skin caused by insect bites.


  1. Sharpening memory

Containing lots of vitamins and also minerals, Basil is one of the best herbs that can be good for memory and stop age related memory loss in old people.


  1. Promoting healthy liver function

Basil contains antioxidants that can protect liver against getting liver fibrosis and promote healthy liver function. It can work as a natural cleanser for liver and other organs.


  1. Lowering cholesterol

Basil contains some compounds such as polyphenols and tannins that can lower the cholesterol level of blood and keep it normal level. High level of cholesterol is very bad for body organs specially heart.


  1. Relieving indigestion

Basil is known as one of the best gas reliving herbs that can soothe and calm carminatives and also upset stomach problems in people. Also it’s great for people who have IBS problem too.


  1. Fighting cold

Being anti bacterial, basil leaves are natural treatments for cold and cough. Drinking basil leaves tea in winter can protect body from getting cold. Everyone should have it at home and keep it so handy in cold seasons.


How to make a good basil tea?

All you need to make a good basil tea is some water, basil leaves and lemon.

First boil the water and then add six basil leaves to it after that brew the mixture for about 3 to 4 minutes and finally add lemon to it for more flavor.