black tea benefits

What are Benefits of black tea in traditional medicine?

History of black and green tea

Tea has been used for thousand years for its many benefits that are mentioned in traditional medicine ,and is most consumed drink in the world after water. According to some historical books about herbal teas, green tea was originated in China in 2737 B.C and later in the seventeenth century black tea was originated also in China. Basically China is the main birth place of both green and black tea. Basically both green and black tea are made from Camellia sinensis plant and they are a popular drink for most of Asian people. There are so many researches about green and black tea in traditional medicine which shows both benefits and also side effects of these popular teas. Here are some information about the main differences between black and green tea and their benefits and side effects which is essential to gain knowledge about it.


Main differences between black and green tea

The main difference between green and black tea is obviously the process of oxidation in which black tea leaves are rolled and exposed to the air directly but green tea doesn’t have any oxidation process at all. Another difference between green and black tea is taste of them. Black tea has stronger taste than green tea. The other difference between these two is about their caffeine level which black tea has so much more caffeine than green tea.

Tea in Iranian Traditional Medicine

According to Iranian traditional medicine tea’s temperament is dry and hot which is good for digestion and mental health. Tea is also considered as a complete medicine in Iranian traditional medicine.

It can  make nervous people relax and feel better. Iranian traditional medicine discovered and approved all these benefits which can be easily reached by drinking tea. There are  so many other herbal teas known in the Iranian traditional medicine that also have so many benefits for body and mental health that can be easily found in old Iranian traditional medicine books available.

Benefits and side effects of black tea

According to traditional medicine, black tea has so many awesome benefits for body which are:

  1. Loosing weight.
  2. Improving bone health.
  3. Being rich in anti-oxidants.
  4. Lowering bad cholesterol.
  5. Being great source of hydration.
  6. Lowering the risk of diabetes.
  7. Being good for digestion.
  8. Lowering the risk of diabetes.
  9. Gaining more energy
  10. Being good for kidney stones.
  11. Being stress reliever.
  12. Being good for blood circulation.
  13. Increasing energy level.
  14. Clearing up lungs.
  15. Being antimicrobial.

Also black tea has so many side effects too which are:

  1. Causing headaches.
  2. Causing irregular heartbeats.
  3. Causing sleep problems.
  4. Being rich in caffeine that is bad during pregnancy.
  5. Increasing urination
  6. Causing high blood pressure.

Green tea has also so many benefits for health which are:

  1. Improving brain function.
  2. Preventing bad food poisoning.
  3. Preventing bad breathing problems.
  4. Giving healthy and good skin.
  5. Increasing body metabolism.
  6. Protecting against many different heart diseases.
  7. Boosting energy level.
  8. Protecting cells.
  9. Repairing body DNA.
  10. Being great for bad depression.
  11. Helping to fight with bad cancers.
  12. Fighting against bad seasonal allergies.
  13. Reducing overall body fat.
  14. Keeping blood sugar level normal.


There are also some side effects about green tea which is important to know and should be kept in mind. These side effects are:

  1. Increasing the risk of bleeding.
  2. Causing bad headaches.
  3. Causing sleep disorder.
  4. Reducing iron levels of body.
  5. Causing stomachaches.
  6. Causing irregular heartbeats.
  7. Causing bad muscle contraction.