Benefits of honey vinegar (oxymel) syrup and how to prepare it according to Dr. Kheir Andish

Honey vinegar syrup is one of the ancient and traditional drinks which has many medical benefits and it has been considered by so many traditional healers in the past. Oxymel (Sekajabin) is actually the same as honey vinegar syrup, but unfortunately in some available sources these two are known separately. Honey vinegar syrup is a kind of refreshing drink which is made from the mixture of a certain amount of vinegar and honey with some mint. Honey vinegar syrup has been known as the king of traditional medicine. Here are benefits of honey vinegar syrup and how to make it according to Dr. Khier Andish. Also don’t forget to share these valuable information with others.

Benefits of honey vinegar syrup

Honey vinegar is useful for strengthening the liver and the stomach, quenching thirst, blocking arteries, relieving headaches and hot tempered body. People who are hot tempered can add chicory water to honey vinegar syrup. It’s highly recommended to drink honey vinegar syrup with fumitory before blood cupping. Honey vinegar syrup is very useful for relieving hot flushes of liver and it’s also recommended to people who get complication by eating foods which has hot temperament. Also it’s important to know that cold tempered people should drink less honey vinegar syrup. Here are some other health benefits of honey vinegar syrup:

  • Lowering blood cholesterol level
  • Being good for liver and digestion
  • Treating digestive system problems
  • Treating bloating
  • Being good for treating asthma
  • Cleansing fatty liver in people
  • Quenching thirst in hot seasons of the year
  • Being a good vascular opener


How to make honey vinegar syrup(Oxymel) according to Dr. Khier Andish

First put vinegar and mint water on the heat until it boils. After the vinegar is completely cooked and mixed with other ingredients, add some honey to it after it cools down just a little bit.


Honey vinegar syrup with mint water (sweat):

This kind of honey vinegar syrup is a combination of honey, vinegar and mint water.

Preparation method of this honey vinegar syrup:

Mix 2 units of honey, 2 units of mint water and 1 unit of vinegar.


How to drink this honey vinegar syrup:

Pour one third of the glass with honey vinegar syrup and the rest with cold water and drink it.  Note: ( Vinegar should be natural and pure ,and the best type of vinegar for making this honey vinegar syrup is grape vinegar).


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