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Benefits of Thyme in traditional medicine


Thyme which is an evergreen shrub has been used in traditional medicine for many years. Thyme is rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, niacin, vitamin K and riboflavin. Thyme can be very helpful to treat some common diseases. Here are some amazing benefits of thyme which are important to know.


 Some of the benefits of Thyme


  1. Treating eye infections

Thyme is rich in many antibacterial and also antifungal properties that can treat eye infections like conjunctivitis. You can easily brew a glass of thyme tea and then let the tea to completely cool down. After that soak a completely clean face towel into the thyme tea and put it on you infected eyelids.


  1. Boosting your mood

Because of having an active substance called carvacrol, using thyme essential oil regularly can have good effect on your feelings and it can also boost your mood too which is an amazing find in traditional medicine.


  1. Improving immune system

Thyme is rich in vitamin C and many antioxidants that can improve immune system. Drinking thyme tea specially in cold seasons can protect your body from getting cold.


  1. Lowering blood pressure

According to some researches done by traditional medicine, drinking thyme tea is very helpful for lowering hypertension in people. Also it can decrease diastolic and systolic blood pressure.


  1. Protecting heart

By lowering bad cholesterol level , thyme tea can prevent your heart from getting serious heart diseases. Also thyme is rich in many minerals, vitamins and also antioxidants such as potassium and magnesium which are so essential for human’s heart health. Try to use thyme in foods or drink its tea to have a healthy heart.


  1. Reducing stress

Being rich in vitamin B6, thyme is one of the best natural remedies for reducing stress. Try to drink one or two cups of this herbal tea a day to stay calm. Thyme tea can be the best drink after a long day of working outside.


  1. Lowering the risk of cancer

According to some researches, wild thyme is a great treatment for cancer specially breast cancer because it can cause death to breast cancer cells. Also being rich in many anti oxidant properties it can protect body from different cancers too.


  1. Reliving muscle spasms

Thyme oil has been used for many years for relieving muscle spasms. Try to massage your muscle with 2 to 4 drops of thyme essential oil or you can also add 15 drops of it to bath water for reliving muscle spasms.


  1. Treating acne

Containing anti inflammatory properties, thyme oil can be the best natural remedy for people who are struggling with bad acne problems because it can clean oil skin from all acne breakouts in short period of time.


  1. Stopping dry coughing

According to some researches, drinking thyme tea or massage thyme essential oil on throat and noise can be helpful for people suffering from bronchitis because it can stop dry coughing in patients.


  1. Improving blood circulation

Thyme is rich in iron which can increase red blood production that can improve blood flow through body. An improved blood circulation can have positive effects on kidney, liver and heart health.


  1. Improving digestion

For people who are suffering from digestive problems such as bloating, nausea, cramping, drinking thyme tea can soothe and treat all these problems in short period of time.


  1. Being good for hair

Thyme is rich in flavonoids, thymol, carvacrol and vitamins that are so essential for your hair. All these natural ingredients and vitamins can thicken and strengthen your hair in the best way possible. All you have to do is to massage your hair with thyme essential oil.


  1. Improving bone health

Thyme contains calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin K which are very important for maintaining your bones strong and also it can prevent some serious and common bone disorders too.


·       How to make thyme tea



  1. Two sprigs of dried thyme
  2. 1 cup of boiling water

Put sprigs of dried thyme into a cup and add 1 cup of boiling water to it. Then let it sleep for about five minutes and remove the thymes. Your thyme tea is ready