violet oil

Benefits of Violet Oil

Violet oil

Violet oil is an old which has been used for many years. This natural oil is actually derived from violet leaves through solvent extraction. Violet oil is a little bit expensive because the yield of it is so low. It’s important to use natural and 100 percent pure violet oil for maximum efficiency.  It has so many incredible benefits for body such as treating headache, insomnia, cold, dry eye and many other problems which can cause serious health issues for body. Here in this article some of the benefits of violet oil is presented with complete explanation that can be valuable to gain knowledge about it and also share with others people like friends and relatives.

  • Being good for skin

Violet oil is very gentle and soothing oil that can treat some of serious skin problems such as acne and eczema which are so common bad skin conditions among people. Also it can help dry, irritated, inflamed and red skin problems and moisturize and lighten the skin in the best way possible. It’s natural and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that can cause allergic reactions for skin.


  • Being natural pain reliever

Violet oil is one of the best natural pain reliever around the world. This incredible oil can treat arthritis, muscle aches and rheumatism. Massaging it one or twice can help to reduce and treat all of these problems in easy way.


  • Being good for mental health

In this busy life when everything can be so stressful, violet oil which is kind of essential oil can help everyone to relax and alleviate anxiety, stress, dizziness and fatigue. It’s a must have and everyone should keep it handy every day.


  • Maintaining breast health

Violet oil is the best adjunct support for any breast cyst or cancer which is one of the most common and serious diseases among women. Massaging this wonderful essential oil in to the breast can help everyone to maintain breast health.


  • Treating bad headaches

Usually some people are struggling with migraines or bad headaches which could not be treated by medicine. Violet oil which is known as calming and relaxing element can relive pain and tension caused by migraines.


  • Treating some symptoms of cold

Violet oil can relieve some symptoms of cold like blocked sinuses and sore throat. Symptoms which can be very bothering and painful for patients. All people should keep this amazing natural oil handy in winter time.


  • Being good for hair

Violet oil which has mucilage in it can soothe and treat damaged hair from heat. Massaging this oil gently in to your hair and leave it overnight can get you strong and healthy hair in short period of time.


  • Treating thrush

Thrush is kind of unwelcome vision for babies . It’s a purple staining that happens on babies cheeks, mouth or tongue. Violet oil is natural remedy for this problem and all parents should do is massaging some of these oil on babies cheeks and lips to reduce the amount of purple staining from them without any side effects.


  • Helping with hemorrhoids

Another benefit of violet oil is that it can really help people suffering from hemorrhoids. People can add few drops of this oil to their bath which will probably ease and soothe the discomfort of hemorrhoids.


  • Being good for nails

Violet oil is reach in nourishing ingredients that can help nail and cuticles to stay healthy from all bad outside factors and provide long lasting moisturisation for nails.


  • Helping blood circulation

This amazing essential oil can help increase the circulation of blood  to the skin and underneath it. Increasing blood circulation has so many rejuvenating effects.


  • Treating chronic insomnia

Violet oil can calm the nervous system, blood pressure and heart rate. This processes together can help body during the natural transition to sleep. It can alleviate insomnia, reduce bad thoughts and produce a relaxed situation for sleeping.


  • Treating loss of bladder control

Loss of bladder control is a common problem that can occur to anyone. Violet oil is a natural and amazing product that can help people who are struggling with this problem. Mostly nervous and old people are suggesting with this problem in their life.


  • Being great remedy for sweat burning

In summer time the weather gets so hot which can cause some problems like sweat burning. Massaging violet oil on sweat burned part can treat and reduce the symptoms.


  • Treating cellulite

Cellulite is a kind of dimpled skin that can be unpleasant for some people. The best remedy for cellulite is basically violet oil. People can massage this essential oil one or twice to get rid of cellulite in short period of time.