rose water

Benefits of rose water in traditional medicine, How to make Rose water at home?

Rose water

Originally the usage of rose water goes back to Egypt when Cleopatra included rose water in to her skin care routine. Since that time rose water has become so popular in the whole world because of its many benefits. Actually rose water is produced by soaking rose flowers petals in to the water. According to Iranian traditional medicine rose water(Golab) has so many amazing benefits for Nerves, skin, face and hair which are all wonderful. Everyone should have rose water at home.  Here are all benefits of rose water and an easy recipe to make homemade rose water. Rose water which can treat all your problems easily.


All rose water awesome benefits


  • Skin

Rose water has so many good benefits for skin. It’s anti aging natural treatment. It can actually hydrate and moisturize the skin so well. Another benefit of rose water for skin is that it can controls the natural skin PH level so balanced which can be helpful for oily skins. It can also helps to prevent and treat so many skin problems like acne, pimple and blackheads. The other benefit of rose water which is so important to know is that rose water has so many antibacterial properties which can help healing of any wounds so much easier and also faster. Finally it’s a powerful barrier against UV radiation of the sun, so it’s important to apply it to being safe and reduce the risk of getting skin cancer.


  • Face

No one can deny many benefits of rose water for skin. Rose water is good for reducing the face redness and puffiness easily. It can be the best option for removing the make up because it doesn’t contain alcohol or any harsh chemicals that can cause serious damage to the skin. Rose water is also a great face mist too which can control face oiliness and keep the skin hydrated and healthy without any side effects.


  • Hair

Rose water has so many different benefits for hair too. It can  reduce the oiliness, fuzziness and dandruff of hair, it can soften the hair and add amazing shine to it. It also great for people who have scalp problems like psoriasis and eczema. Using rose water for your hair can have amazing results.


  • Nerves

The other benefit of rose water is being great for nerves. Many traditional medicine researches show that rose water  can act as a natural and powerful anti anxiety for people. It can induce sleep and help with bad stress. It also has so many benefits for bad mental health problems like depression, tension, grief and headaches. Adding rosewater to your everyday meal or water can make you more relaxed and calmer.


Easy rose water recipe

Because of it so many benefits mentioned earlier, it’s probably good idea to keep rose water handy. It’s very important to have and use natural and pure rose water that contains no chemicals because chemicals added to rose water can reduce the effectiveness of it. Here is an easy and fast recipe to make rose water at home. All you need are 1.5 liters of distilled water and 8 stems of roses.


  1. First add all the petals to a large pot and cover them with distilled water.
  2. Then bring the mixture to a simmer and leave it for 30 minutes until all the petals have lost their natural color.
  3. Strain and separate the remaining water from petals.
  4. Place the rose water in to the preferred container and let it cool.
  5. Finally discard all the remained roses.