Black seed oil’s benefits

Black seed oil

Black seed oil which is also known as black caraway, nigella or black cumin is oil from pressed black seed. Black seed oil actually comes from Nigella sativa which can be found in many different places like eastern Europe, western Asia and northern Africa. It strengthens mind, body and soul.  Black seed oil is kind of woody, mild and spicy which is used in cooking and traditional medicine. Black seed has been used to treat many different diseases and conditions till these days. It can be mixed with tea tree oil, rosemary or peppermint for many different conditions.  It has so many benefits for skin, hair, bad pains,  and heart .Also It has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti-obesity effects and will also be beneficial for respiratory health, which is so amazing. Here are some benefits of black seed oil. A natural remedy for so many different problems and conditions.




Benefits of black seed oil


  • Hair

Black seed oil has so many anti oxidants that can provide healthy hair. It can stop severe hair loss and help hair follicles . Also it can make hair soft, silky and so strong. This is considered as one of the best natural remedies for any problems relating to hair. Black seed oil can also be helpful for some scalp problems.


  • Weight loss

According to many scientific studies, Black seed oil has some active components in it that can actually help with weight loss. The ingredients which can be found in black oil seed are Phytosterols and CLA that can reduce people unhealthy cravings. So we can consider black seed oil as a support for loosing our weight.


  • Skin

Black seed oil is rich in bioactive compounds that can contain skin’s natural glow. Also this natural oil can be a great moisturizer and anti aging product that can keep skin’s hydration in normal condition. Other more detailed researches show that black seed oil is good for people who are struggling with bad acne problems. It can reduce redness and acne scarring. It can also remove any stress and tension from face awakens the skin of the face. By massaging this natural oil in to the skin can tone and massage facial muscles and increase the blood flow of it too.


  • Memory

According to some studies, black seed oil is good for memory because it is imbued with iron and zinc that can increase brain function. It good for all people in different ages specially children and teenagers because it can have wonderful effects on their memory and of course their studying and memorizing skills.


  • Pain

Another benefit of black seed oil is that is one of the best pain killers that can help to alleviate joint pain and some bad headaches. Massaging it in the part of body that feels pain can be so effective and good.


  • Cholesterol

Basically black seed oil is really high in good and important fatty acids which can maintain cholesterol and also people’s blood pressure in normal and healthy level.