Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy Benefits

What is cupping therapy? Indigenous peoples of Asian countries…
blood platelet
eyes weakness

Natural remedies for Eyes Weakness in traditional medicine by Dr. Kheir Andish

Dr. Kheir Andish Prescriptions for Eyes weakness   Eye…
liver spot treatment

Treatment of brown spots(liver spots) on the face by Dr. Kheir Andish

Natural remedies for  treatment of brown spots(liver spots)…

Natural Remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome by Dr. Kheir Andish

This disease is the same tingling and numbness  of the wrist…

Diagnosis and treatment of Psoriasis by Dr. Kheir Andish

Psoriasis- treatment by Dr. Kheir Andish   Honey vinegar(Oxymel)…
sore throat

Natural remedies for treatment of sore throat

When you have a sore throat, a dry throat can make it difficult…
breast cancer treatment

Prevention and Treatment of breast cancer in traditional medicine

One of the most common cancers in the world, is breast cancer.…