Health benefits of working with clay and pottery


Pottery is known as one of the oldest inventions of human beings. Pottery is a art of forming vessels and other objects with clay and fires them at high temperatures to make them hard and durable art pieces. According to some researches, pottery therapy is one of the most powerful methods for dealing with mental or emotional issues and it can help you to keep your feelings and emotions in balanced level. Many people have benefited by trying pottery therapy. Here are health benefits of working with clay which are very interesting to know and gain valuable knowledge about it. Also it’s good to encourage people who are struggling with mental issues to participate in pottery classes.


Health benefits of working with clay

  1. Improving focus

Having focus in life is very important. Working with clay is an amazing activity that can shift your destructive mindset  towards the creativity. This therapeutic art can soothe your unstable mind set and help you to focus more which is so great. After doing pottery for a short while you will notice all the healing effects of it on you life.


  1. Expressing ourselves

Making pottery is a great way to express ourselves through art which can make us happier and also more expressive people in life. For making pottery you don’t have to be professional at all. All you need is to participate in pottery classes and try to express  yourself through this amazing therapeutic art.


  1. Improving creativity

Working with clay can improve our creativity a lot and it helps us to connect with both ourselves and also our surroundings in the best way possible. This therapeutic activity can be the best mental exercise for all people at any age. Also it can improve our creativity for other things in life too which is so awesome.


  1. Reducing stress

In this busy world all people are struggling with severe stress. Stress can cause many serious problems for human body. Working with clay can help you to clear your mind from all negative thoughts and be more relaxed. Also it’s important to know that this therapeutic art can lowers your heart rate and also blood pressure too.


Benefits of pottery for kids


All of the kid are born inquisitive and creative ,so it’s important for them to express themselves. One of the best ways for kids to express themselves is through art. Choosing pottery can be the best option for kid because it has many health benefits for kids which are good for parents to know. Also parents can buy clays and also pottery wheels which are specially designed for kids to encourage their kids to try this amazing therapeutic art.


  • Gaining pride and self worth

The process of learning pottery for kids can be very helpful for kid. All of the good and valuable knowledge they can gain from working with clay it can really helps kids to gain self worth which can make them feel that they can create artistic objects through clay.


  • Relaxing effects

Kids who have anxiety or focusing issues, working with clay can have amazing results on them. It can make them calm and help them concentrate more on their work which can be really helpful for their future life. They will be able to control their feelings and emotions easier than other people.


  • Gaining spatial awareness

Pottery is known as a kind of three dimensional form of art which needs the understanding of spatial awareness. While working with clay, kid should move around to examine the form and shape of their created piece.