coconut oil

Benefits of Coconut oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is considered as kind of superfood among many people and it has become so popular and It has a big impact in the livelihood of human beings. The history of coconut oil is as old as  3960 years which is unbelievable. Mainly it can found in hot and tropical areas like islands. It contains vitamin E,K and iron. Coconut oil has the most special combination of fatty acids which are so good for staying healthy. It has so many benefits for body such as having great antimicrobial effects, raising good cholesterol level, reducing stress and so many other amazing benefits which are essential to know. Here are some of proven benefits of coconut oil which are so awesome.


  • Having great antimicrobial effects

Coconut oil is reach in medium-chain fatty acids which are some of the most important natural antimicrobial properties that can help body to create a great protection against different microorganisms which can cause serious problems.


  • Raising good cholesterol level

Coconut oil which is reach in natural saturated fats can increase the level of good cholesterol and make bad cholesterol less harmful for body. Also increasing good cholesterol level in body can have great effect on heart health.


  • Reducing blood sugar

Another benefit of coconut oil is reducing blood sugar. Coconut oil can decrease the insulin resistance and keep the blood sugar level in balanced and normal level. High blood sugar level can cause serious health problems for people such as blindness.


  • Reducing stress

Some researches show that coconut oil is reach in antioxidant properties that can be natural treatment for depression and anxiety. Many drugs used for depression and anxiety have so many bad side effects but natural treatments like coconut oil can be the best without any side effects.

  • Losing weight

Coconut oil is a healthy fat that can control and decrease the cravings and hunger and increase the fullness feeling in people which can be helpful factor to lose weight easier. Also it’s important to know that it’s not a powerful remedy for losing weight in short period of time.


  • Being good for skin

Coconut oil can be used as a natural moisturizer for skin. It can speed up the healing process of bad bruises, act as protective barrier for human skin and reduce redness too. Antimicrobial effect of coconut oil can prevent and treat bad acne problems because of that it’s now used in many skin products and make up items.


  • Being good for hair

Coconut oil is one of the best natural remedies for damaged hair. It can make hair shiny, strong and soft . Also it can treat some scalp problems too. It has been considered  complete nourishment for scalp and hair. Massaging it regularly on hair can be the best way to treat all problems related to hair in short period of time.


  • Supporting the immune system

Anti viral properties found in coconut oil are called caprylic acid and lauric acid. These viral properties can fight of different kinds of viruses and prevent the risk of getting diseases like HIV, influenza, monocytogenes and herpes.


  • Preventing liver disease

Liver disease is one of the most dangerous diseases that can lead to death but some studies show that coconut oil contains some elements that can actually protect liver against these deadly diseases. Coconut oil can easily be used in cooking instead of other oils that can cause serious damage to liver.


  • Being good for dental health

Massaging coconut oil on teeth can attracts harmful bacteria in you mouth and prevent tooth decay. Also it can reduce and prevent plaque and fight against various gum diseases that are so painful. It’s considered as a great natural mouth wash among people all over the world.


  • Helping digestion

Coconut oil can be so helpful with the way it’s digested. It can help some problems such as regularity, IBS and slow motility which are common digestive problems among people. These problems can be so bothering and painful for people who are struggling with.


  • Balancing the hormones

Another benefit of coconut oil is balancing the hormones of men and women. It can help the creation and elimination of progesterone and also testosterone in normal and balanced level.