constipation treatment

Natural remedies for constipation in adults and children in traditional medicine

Treatment of constipation according to Dr. Kheirandish


Dr. Kheirandish considers phlegm(cold & moist) and dryness as the main cause of constipation.

According to Dr. Kheirandish:

  • Soak 7 figs in a glass of rose water and  in case of dry temperament combine with some plums .
  • take 2 tablespoons of the combination of 5 units of sweet almond oil with 2 units of honey fasting in the morning and in the evening.
  • Mild decoction of a glass of rose water with plantago seeds and take it with a little honey.

He assumes that the length of the treatment varies from 40 to 120 days, according to the severity of the constipation.

Some of the herbal remedies for Treatment of constipation in babies and children


  • Sweet almond oil: Depending on the age of child or baby, eating of sweet almond oil from a few teaspoons to a few tablespoons during the day.
  • Massaging olive oil, sweet almond oil or violet oil clockwise on the stomach: defecation can accrue in young children. Also massaging castor oil for more severe constipation.
  • Cassia fistula: The only purgative for children is Cassia fistula. Most of the children have problem with the taste of It. About half a cup of boiled water with one teaspoon of Cassia fistula can be effective for them. It can be given with dropper and spoon to children.
  • According to the severity of the constipation, you can give equal amounts of ( 1 or 2 tablespoons) chicory water and common fumitory water to baby.
  • The water of soaked dried apricot and plum fasting in the morning.
  • Fig syrup 
  • Avoid consumption of sour and spicy foods. Omit hot and drying spice from child’s food.
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