kheir andish treatment

Prescription of DR.Kheir Andish for treatment and prevention of Corona Virus.

Prescription of DR.Kheir Andish for treatment of Corona Virus.


  • Try to keep the inside and front of your noise moisty with mixture of violet oil and peppermint oil. ( 30cc violet oil + fourteen drops of peppermint oil )
  • Eat the  mixture of  honey and black seeds,(three units  honey, with one unit of black seed) every 8 hours , eat half of one tablespoon.
  • Mix 3 tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of lemon juice and one full tablespoon of salt with a glass of water, drink one glass of it every 2 hours.

Note: The units mentioned above can be prepared in large quantities.


For treating severe cough, which is the main sign of corona follow the important instruction mentioned bellow.

  • Cook 7 cloves of garlic in a glass of milk slowly then add a tablespoon of honey and mix it. You should drink half a cup of mixture in the morning and again half a cup of it in the evening. It will treat cough and all other lung problems in short period of time.

For improving nerves and eliminating all of bad negative thoughts try the drink mentioned bellow.

  • brew the same amount of lavender and  valerian dried root   , and add some honey to the tea ,then drink a glass of it every night before sleeping.


 Prevention of Corona Virus by Dr. Kheir Andish


  • Eat turnip soup with carrots and  hot and spicy vegetables which are cooked in mint water.
  • Try to drink  decoction of mint, dill and ajotva seeds with honey.
  • Smoke harmala seeds(esfand seeds)every 8 hours(as an antimicrobial activity which is tradition in Iran)
  • Try warm cupping therapy of scapula  every other day or every 2 days.
  • For people who are near patients wear necklace of 7 pieces of garlic or 14 pieces of cardamom .
  • Inhale  narcissus or Tuberose flower .
  • Avoid eating  foods with cold temperament which includes fast foods especially at nights.
  • Try to make wheat soup with spicy vegetables and alfalfa water.
  • Do not make the room temperature very hot.(Important note: Room temperature must not be more than 18 to 22 degrees of centigrade at all.)