Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy Benefits

What is cupping therapy?

Indigenous peoples of Asian countries were aware of the health benefits of cupping therapy . Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many clinics that consider this type of treatment as one of the options for dealing with various diseases. However, it is important to first Talk to your doctor about this disease. If this treatment can be one of the practical options for you, then do this treatment on the spot and by your specialist, otherwise, it can not provide the desired benefit that you expect.


cupping therapy claims to be able to deal with many signs and symptoms, this is actually an ancient treatment that has existed for a thousand years. And now in all parts of the world, this method is known as one of the natural methods in dealing with some medical problems. Even now, there are clinics and hospitals that consider these services as more than a simple treatment.

The traditional method of balloon therapy is usually to evacuate the air inside the cup or glasses used by burning alcohol-soaked cotton or the leaves of plants or paper. Vacuum the cup holder and pull it into the cup holder. In this case, the skin may become red because of the reaction that the blood vessels show to the changes that have taken place.

In modern balloon therapy methods, instead of using heat, a device made for this purpose is used. These devices are cup-shaped chambers, and the pump that is connected to them, drains the air inside the chamber and creates a vacuum, pulls the skin and muscles into it, and performs balloon therapy. Be noted  that  in Iranian traditional Medicine, the Heated Cupping therapy is preferred because the heat inside the cup can speed up the healing.


Cupping therapy (dry)


heated cupping therapy

heated cupping therapy

Cupping therapy involves placing the cup on the skin at specific strategic points, which is done according to the knowledge of doctors. By creating suction in the cup, improving blood flow to the affected area repairs and regenerates tissues and stimulates it. Basically, therapists put a fiery object in the cup and then quickly place it on the body, this method can cause skin irritation; At present, however, healers use silicone or rubber cups.

The silicone allows the therapist to monitor the condition of the skin during the treatment session, the flexibility of these cups makes it possible to massage as needed . It is also possible to use the cup to create a vacuum in smaller areas such as the forehead and cheeks for treatment, sterilizing silicones is much easier and better. To create a vacuum in the cup, modern therapists may use cup sets that have a pump attached to the bottom. After placing the cup in the treatment area, the doctor can create suction by pumping air, so that the treatment will be completely safe and useful.


Blood Cupping therapy (wet)

Wet balloon is a model of a variety of phototherapy treatments that involves cutting the skin to remove toxins from the blood. If you choose a wet balloon, your therapist will place a few cups on the skin for a few minutes to remove the skin. Rises and turns red, in some cases it may blister. Next, the doctor uses a scalpel to cut blisters and red bumps, some therapists cut the skin too small. Then a new cup will be placed in the same area and the suction will repel the toxins.

To prevent possible infections, the therapist should use sterilized materials and masks and gloves. Then, the treated area is carefully cleaned and bandaged and disinfected with ointment. Typically, wounds are treated for a maximum of 10 days. The future will heal and no wounds will be left.

Cupping therapy for Covid

Heated Cupping therapy on lungs  2 or 3 times per day can prevent lung damage in Covid and heal breathing problems  , and if the lungs are damaged traditional medical  practitioners believe they can treat the lungs by Lung Blood Cupping Therapy and leech therapy.


Benefits of cupping



This treatment helps to detoxify the body. Therefore, it can help to remove all the toxins from the body and help to improve the body system.


 Reduce inflammation

Cupping is also one of the treatments that can help reduce the effect of inflammation. Therefore, this method is suitable for treating skin inflammation. In addition, it can relieve pain and prevent acne and skin diseases such as eczema.



 Disease prevention

Doing this treatment regularly can prevent the possibility of getting sick. Therefore, it helps to maintain health and keep the body healthy. In addition, it can control and manage the immune system with a stronger power to prevent and fight any symptoms of the disease.


Blood Circulation

Cupping therapy is also a better way to help blood circulation. Since blood circulation helps and stimulates blood cells to regenerate, it can manage a healthy cell. These are exactly the benefits of a magnetic bracelet for It is the control of blood pressure that can also help facilitate blood circulation.


 Kidney optimization

Another health benefit of balloons is the optimization of kidney function. Therefore, it can improve the absorption and excretion of toxins, minerals and other unwanted harmful substances from the body.


 Stimulation of blood flow

This treatment can stimulate blood flow. It prevents the formation of blood clots so as not to reduce blood circulation.


 Cardiovascular preservation

Another benefit of using a balloon is that it controls blood cholesterol levels. Therefore, it prevents the possibility of heart attack or stroke symptoms . This is also one of the health benefits of Honeysuckle apples , which can help maintain heart health. And help vessels.


Prevention of diabetes

This treatment can also prevent the symptoms of diabetes. It can control blood sugar. It can help maintain blood sugar levels.


 Reduce pain

Exercising a cup can reduce the pain caused by inflammation or various diseases. Therefore, this is one of the ways to eliminate the feeling of discomfort by the body pain.



Frequent cupping therapy can improve the health of the body. Therefore, the body will feel fresh and refreshed, healthy and away from diseases. These are the health benefits of the king-like plant that can contribute to health.



Repeated treatment can also lead to relaxation. Therefore, it is one of the ways to reduce stress and a positive mind.


 Reduce headaches

Balloon therapy is also a way to reduce headaches. Blood circulation improves the head and reduces headaches. In addition, it can also be effective for dizziness .


Improve metabolism

Using this treatment can be effective in improving the body’s metabolism. It optimizes the conversion of energy from the food consumed. Therefore, it reduces the speed of metabolism, which leads to better absorption of nutrients and prevents the formation of fat.

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