date benefits

Benefits of Date in traditional medicine


Dates are some kind of tropical fruits which are grown on palm trees. Dates are so tasty and rich in helpful ingredients and vitamins. There are 30 kinds of dates that can be found in different places around the world. According to traditional medicine, Dates have so many benefits for human body which are so important to know. Here in this article are the detailed information about date and date seeds, date seeds oil and also date vinegar.


Dates benefits

  1. Lowering cholesterol

Basically dates are free from cholesterol which can be used daily for keeping the cholesterol of blood in natural and balanced level. Also these sweet fruits can help people to lose weight.

  1. Being reach in essential vitamins

Dates are rich in almost all vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, A1 and C which can be used instead of vitamins supplements. These vitamins can make your body so healthy and provide good energy level too.

  1. Being reach in protein

Date are natural source of protein which is very important for body muscles. Also protein can help body staying fit and healthy. Dates can be the best snack for people who are constantly exercising.

  1. Improving bone

Because of being reach in manganese, copper and selenium, dates can be the best natural food for keeping the bones healthy and so strong.

  1. Being good for nervous system

Date is reach in potassium and iron which can keep everyone’s nervous system normal. People who are suffering from iron deficiency may have different problems like tiredness and pain so using dates can be the best natural medicine for them.

  1. Being good during pregnancy

Date in reach in vitamin B which is so important during pregnancy. Eating dates can prevent birth defects such as Spina bifida.

  1. Being high in fiber

Dates are reach in fiber which is the most important thing for human’s digestive system. Also fibers from eating dates can control blood sugar level too.

  1. Being good for vision

Eating dates can reduce the risk of getting night blindness and improve the eyesight.

  1. Being good for seasonal allergies

Dates contain organic and natural sulfur which can reduce people’s seasonal allergic reactions.

  1. Having healthy heart

Dates can reduce the risk of getting many heart diseases such as stroke.


Date seeds benefits

Basically date seeds are byproduct of dates but they also have so many benefits. Arab people use date seeds as decaffeinated coffee for drinking. Date seeds have carbohydrates, antioxidant and fiber which is great for body health.


Date seeds oil benefits

Date seeds oil is the perfect choice for healthy skin and hair. It can reduces wrinkles and repair the skin. Also date seeds oil can make hair shiny, strong and also prevent graying of hair.


Date vinegar

According to many researches done by traditional medicine researchers, date vinegar is reach in antioxidant which can prevent bad cancers. Also drinking date vinegar can reduce food cravings and hunger which can be so helpful for losing weight.