depression treatment

Iranian traditional medicine in treatment of depression and anxiety-Natural remedies of Dr. Kheir Andish

Depression and anxiety

Depression is one of the most serious disorders in the whole world and about 21 percent of the population have experienced this problem in their life. Depression can sometimes be triggered by the anxiety. Depression and anxiety both have different symptoms which can occur together and create some other serious symptoms for the people. Depressed and anxious people may have one or some of these symptoms together.


Symptoms of depression


  • Great tiredness
  • Irritability
  • Serious sleeping problems
  • Thought of death or suicide
  • Sadness
  • Pain
  • No joy in activities
  • Lack of appetite
  • Anger
  • Weigh gain

Symptoms of anxiety


  • High heat beats
  • Hot flushes
  • Fatigue
  • Bad concentration
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Impatience
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Muscles tension
  • Bad mood


Iranian traditional medicine in treatment of depression and anxiety:

According to Iranian traditional medicine natural treatments can be the best option for people who are struggling with depression and anxiety. This mental problems are no joke and are so serious. Natural treatments don’t have many side effects therefore they are considered the safest treatment available and because of that they gain so much popularity in these days. There are many herbal treatments available which are provided by Iranian traditional medicine. Here are some of natural treatments with complete detailed information about each. Information which are so essential to know and share with people around you who are struggling with severe depression and anxiety.


  • Lavender

According to many researches done by Iranian traditional medicine, lavender is one of the most powerful natural treatments for depression and anxiety and it can make people so relaxed and also solve their sleeping problems related to anxiety. Also lavender oil which is the most popular essential oil in the whole world is great for relaxation and reducing severe anxiety level.


  • Rose water

Rose water has been use in Iranian traditional medicine for thousand years. Rose water has so many anti anxiety and antidepressant properties which are so wonderful and effective. It can treat problems such as grief, stress, depression and tension that can cause serious sleep problems. Also it’s important to know that rose water is so good for people who are suffering from dementia or other mental problems.


  • Saffron

Saffron which is a kind of spice is reach in great antioxidants. Saffron is awesome treatment for depression. Iranian traditional medicine researches show that using saffron can increase serotonin level in brain which is mood boosting and it can also reduce depression and anxiety symptoms too. Saffron can be used in food or in the form of herbal tea to be the most effective ingredient.


  • Basil

Some researches show that people who use basil in every day basis are less depressed and anxious than others people. Drinking basil tea can treat some anxious people and make them so much more relaxed.


  • Green tea

Green tea which is one of the most common drinks in Asian countries has so many benefits for mental problems such as lowering the risk of getting depression, lowering stress hormone level and increasing the energy. Drinking green tea should become all people’s every day routine because of its benefits.


  • Valerian

Valerian is another remedy for people who are so anxious and have sleeping problems because it can reduce anxiety to normal level and make relaxed.


  • Turmeric

According to some researches done by Iranian traditional medicine, turmeric is reach in curcumin which is natural remedy for depression and anxiety and it can reduce bad symptoms related to depression and make patient calmer and more relaxed.


  • Ginseng

Ginseng may not be so popular among people around the world be it can actually protect body against severe effects of stress which can harm body and people’s mind.

The prescription of Dr. Kheirandish(Famous Iranian Doctor of traditional medicine)

There are some great prescriptions presented Dr.Kheirandish which is so helpful and important to know. This prescription is proved and amazing to follow.

  • eating 14 seeds of harmala every night with water, (not chewing) for 40 nights.
  • Smelling essential warm temperament oils like jasmine or rose and other  for 40 nights.
  • Drinking Citrus aurantium (Bitter Orange)water with  Lemon Balm seeds and one tablespoon of honey for 80 nights.
  • for breakfasts  4 to 5 times in a week  , eat ground sesame with grape syrup.
  • Eating 14 pieces of almonds a day, chew it like gum.
  • Massaging head with black seed oil for about 40 to 120 nights.
  • Eating 7 figs every night for about one month.
  • Eating 7 olives every morning for one month.
  • Reduce eating of cold temperament foods.
  • Warm cupping therapy on shoulders and back every other night, for 21 times.