Natural remedies for diabetes treatment in traditional medicine

Herbal remedies for diabetes; prescription of Dr. Kheir Andish

Before mentioning the treatment of diabetes in traditional medicine, let’s first talk about its types to get acquainted with the nature of diabetes.As the people temperaments are key concepts for treatment in Iranian traditional medicine ,we define two types of diabetes cold and hot.

Different types of diabetes based on temperaments (hot and cold)


  • Cold diabetes

If diabetes is cold type, it starts with stress. This type of diabetes is more common in women and fat and white people are more effected by it. Basically these people are prone to hypoglycemia. Actually their secret is that they love sweets and they get so angry and restless with low blood sugar level. These patients have white skin, hidden veins, not scattered hair, slow pulse and they really tend to be warm because of being cold-tempered.

Treatment of cold diabetes


  • Eating honey fasting in the morning and in the evening
  • Honey vinegar
  • Nettle
  • Fenugreek and ginger


  • Hot diabetes

A person who has warm blood but not the warmth of the bile is called hot diabetes. This diabetes usually occurs in men. Insulin is also taken in this type of diabetes and the level of the insulin should be in proportion to the blood. The main equivalent of insulin is vinegar. If the amount of insulin is too much, the ducts will open too much and person’s blood sugar level will drop. When blood sugar drops, the patient will fell restless and severe boredom.

Treatment of hot diabetes


  • blood Cupping and vinegar ( eating vinegar for about 14 days and then blood cupping)
  • Cook quince with vinegar and then mash the mixture and eat it one tablespoon of it in the morning and at night.

Note: Most of diabetes in Iran is cold diabetes type.