eyes weakness

Natural remedies for Eyes Weakness in traditional medicine by Dr. Kheir Andish

Dr. Kheir Andish Prescriptions for Eyes weakness


  1. Eye wash with fennel water in the evening (120 nights)
  2. Apply eyeliner made with almond or Asmad/ Antimony sulphide every night while sleeping.
  3. Put a drop of natural honey in the eye overnight, it is better after washing with fennel (40 nights)
  4.  Massage head with black seed oil (40 nights)
  5. After massaging head, try for general blood cupping – two weeks after try head blood cupping – two weeks after area blood cupping .

* Note: Be sure to see a traditional medicine doctor for blood cupping.

Note: Leech therapy and Phlebotomy can also be part of the treatment that is diagnosed by a traditional medicine doctor.

6- Use of a glass of carrot juice a day – a glass of thyme extract a day – 7 almonds a day is very helpful.

By observing the mentioned cases, the problem will be solved to a large extend.

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