forbidden plants in pregnancy

Some of the Forbidden Medicinal Plants in Pregnancy

According to experts, consuming some herbs during pregnancy causes miscarriage and premature birth.The use of herbal medicine to control nausea and vomiting, acid  reflux disease and constipation is not recommended during pregnancy, as it may have serious effects and lead to miscarriage,  early birth of a baby or fetal developmental defect. It is generally forbidden to use herbs or other substances that affect the normal or abnormal functions of the body during pregnancy. In fact, women during pregnancy should use group of food with healthy, gentle and moderate characteristics.When the mother takes a particular drug or herb, it enters the fetus’ bloodstream directly. As a result, it can impair fetal growth and cause fetal retardation.Sometimes a herbal medicine may be safe for the mother or fetus during the first trimester of pregnancy, but it can cause changes in the fetus during the second and third trimesters. Thus, if you need any medication, you should first consult your gynecologist.

Medicinal Plants to Avoid in Pregnancy

Some of the forbidden medicinal plants in pregnancy are: rosemary, ginseng, cinnamon, pepper, cohosh, thyme, mint, rose hips, angelica, saffron and ….

  • Castor oil, which is commonly used to treat constipation at home, should be discarded during pregnancy, as it may lead to preterm labor.
  • Herbal teas that have different types of ingredients can have many side effects. Herbal spices and condiments are also very harmful to the fetus and mother.
  •  Saffron and barberry can also pose irreparable risks to pregnant women.
  • Lavender is an herbal medicine that overuse can stimulate menstruation, relax muscles and help increase uterine contractions and cause miscarriage in the first month of pregnancy.
  • Celery: The use of celery is prohibited in the first trimester of pregnancy, and eating celery stew or salad containing celery can lead to miscarriage. This ban on the use of celery should be observed throughout pregnancy because celery can adversely affect the fetal nervous system and cause nervous disorders, especially epileptic seizures after birth.
  • Alo vera: Aloe vera has many properties for women’s beauty, but pregnant women should not eat processed foods with aloe vera or drink aloe vera juice, as it may cause pelvic bleeding and even cause miscarriage.
  • Violet and marshmallow:Consumption of violets and marshmallows can also cause abortion.

Of course, the harms of medicinal plants do not end with the cases mentioned as examples. Due to the harms of medicinal herbs during pregnancy, no medicine or herbs should be taken during this period without consulting a doctor, because it may have dangerous consequences, so it is better to do the necessary research before using any herbal medicine during pregnancy and talk to your doctor.