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Treatment of hair fall in traditional medicine

Hair fall which is also known as alopecia is a common problem that can effect people’s life. This problem can be permanent or temporary. There are many reasons such as hormonal changes, age, pregnancy, stress, medical conditions, genetic predisposition, birth control pills, some hair products and certain minerals and vitamins deficiency that can cause hair loss in both women and men. Here are natural treatments of hair fall  in traditional medicine that can help people suffering with this common problem.

Some of the natural treatments to stop Hair Fall


  • Mixing cedar, myrtle, hollyhocks, chamomile and henna powder in equal amounts and at least once a week with this mixture, diluting it into a paste with some warm water and massage your hair very gently. Then let this mixture stays on your hair for 5 minutes and after that, gently wash your hair with lukewarm water.


  • Make sure you exercise daily or at least weekly. All physical activities and exercising can have important role in improving blood circulation, eliminating harmful toxins, growing strong and new hair and providing good and proper nutrition for hair roots.



  • You have to pay attention that liver health can have an important role in improving the overall health of your hair and also preventing hair loss. All different items that cause fatty liver disease and liver damage, such as drinking ice water and consuming unhealthy liquid oils available on the market, having unhealthy diets and etc. must be stopped.


  • Combing hair gently can keep your hair healthy and strong. You can try to comb your hair with suitable comb about 3 times for few minutes. Wooden combs can be the best choice for coming hair.


  • Having enough sleep is so important for maintaining the hair health. Try to go to bed a little bit earlier and avoid staying awake till middle of the night.


  • Try to take available ginseng supplements which can promote hair growth in short period of time. Ginseng has Ginsenosides which are some kind of active components that can have good and positive effect on hair.


  • Rosemary oil is one of the best essential oils that can be used for stimulating your hair growth. Try to massage a few drops of it on your scalp or you can add a few drops of rosemary oil to your shampoo and also hair conditioner for daily use.


  • Try yogurt mask at home. According to some researches done by traditional medicine, this amazing hair mask can promotes hair growth, nourishes hair loss, improves scalp health and also darkens hair naturally in short period of time.


  • Beetroot juice is another great traditional treatment for hair fall because it contains vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium, protein, phosphorus and potassium which are important nutrients for having strong and healthy hair.


  • By opening pores and strengthening weak hair follicles, licorice root can be consumed orally in the form of herbal tea or it can be applied on the scalp weekly. You can mix some ground licorice roots with half a teaspoon of saffron and a glass of milk till it becomes in the form of paste. Then apply the paste to your scalp and hair and leave it on overnight. The next day wash your hair with shampoo. Try to apply this hair mask twice a week for getting the best results out of it.


  • Mixing one egg with one tablespoon of pure olive oil in a bowl and apply it as a natural mask on your scalp can be very effective for treating hair fall and boosting hair growth.


  • Onion juice with coconut oil is another great remedy for boosting hair growth. Mix one tablespoon of onion juice with two tablespoons of coconut oil. Then add few drops of another oil like olive oil to the hair mask mixture. After that massage your hair and scalp with this natural hair mask and let it stay for about 1 to 1.5 hours. Finally wash you hair with shampoo and warm water.

Note: Don’t use this hair mask for more than one in a week.


  • Also pouring green tea on your scalp and hair and massage it gently can prevent hair loss and promote your hair growth because green tea is rich in many wonderful antioxidants needed for hair.
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