Natural remedies for treatment of hair loss in traditional medicine; Dr. Kheir Andish diagnosis

  • Treatment of hair loss in Men

For the Men whose family hair loss is inherited, it is better to do 1 to 2 times blood cupping in the spring from adolescence so that they never suffer from hair loss (continue this process until the age of 28)

Those in whom hair loss has started and is progressing should do blood cupping at the earliest opportunity to stop their hair loss. Do 2 times blood cupping in the spring of each year until the age of 28.  Note: For hair regrowth, one of the tried and tested ways is continuous scalp massage.


  • Treatment of hair loss in Women

The duration of treatment varies from 40 to 120 days, depending on the severity of the cold temperament. However, the treatment for women’s hair loss is definite

  1.  Massage head with black seed oil or bitter almond oil or any other hot oil such as sesame and olive
  2.  Inhaling warm perfume (Jasmine-Maryam-Rose-Narcissus-Musk, etc.) at night when you want to sleep rub it blow the nose.
  3.  A glass of fennel juice with a little honey at night (excluding menstruation)
  4.  Reduce consumption of foods with cold temperament, especially in the evenings.
  5.  Massage the scalp or comb the hair with a metal brush for five to ten minutes a day
  6. Walking on rocks or uneven surfaces or massaging the soles of the feet for half an hour a day

Note: The use of hazelnut oil is excellent for  eyebrow hair loss.

Note: In those who have black bile (Saudā ;cold and dry temperament )resistant in the head, after doing the above works, a blood cupping on head can be a good idea.

Note: In massaging head with olive oil, you can burn some dried figs and Combine with olive oil and then apply on the head for one to two hours.

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