honey benefits

Honey benefits in traditional medicine


Honey is a sweet food which has been used for thousands of years by human beings. The sweetness of honey is because of glucose and monosaccharides fructose. By using the nectar from flowers, honeybees make honey. Honey is rich in iron, zinc, potassium, B6,  calcium, sodium and riboflavin which are so important for body to stay healthy and strong. According to traditional medicine, honey have so many benefits which are important to know. Here are some benefits of honey with complete explanation about each.


Benefits of honey


  1. Being anti-allergic

There are many treatments available for people who have allergy problems like sore throat, headache, coughing, sneezing but honey is a natural remedy that can reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies in people without any serious side effects over short time.


  1. Boosting energy level

The glucose in honey can actually be a natural and good energy booster for people who want to increase their energy level in short period of time.


  1. Improving digestion

Honey can acts as a powerful cleanser for digestion system. It can clean undigested food and cleanse the colon from different toxins that can cause serious problems for human’s digestion. Using honey can maintain the digestion in normal and healthy condition.


  1. Being good for skin

Honey is natural anti bacterial which can balance and control the bacteria level of skin. Honey is known as anti acne which is used in many skin care products and it can speeds up the healing process of skin cells.


  1. Controlling blood sugar

One of the most important discoveries about honey benefits is that it can control the blood sugar level by increasing the level of insulin. It can be great idea to replace sugar with honey and use it as a natural sweetener in your diet while backing or drinking tea.


  1. Being anti-cancer

Cancer is one of the main reasons that causes death in human beings. The available treatments for cancer have so many side effects for body which are so harmful. Some studies show that honey has anti tumor, anti inflammatory and anti mutagenic effects that are great natural side treatment for cancer.


  1. Being good for skin

Honey is a great oil free moisturizer for skin that can have amazing anti aging effects on skin. Also honey can be the best natural remedy for many skin problems like psoriasis and acne which are common skin problems mostly in teenagers.


  1. Being anti-bacterial

Honey is rich in hydrogen peroxide which is natural bacteria or fungus killer. Honey can be helpful for both body and skin infections. It can be used as a mask for skin and as a powerful anti bacterial food in all people’s diet.


  1. Soothing sore throat

Honey has been used as one of the powerful natural remedies for sore throat. Adding one tablespoon of honey to hot tea mixed with lemon can soothe and treat the painful sore throat in short period of time by killing bacteria.


  1. Healing wounds

According to some researches done by traditional medicine, honey can be really helpful for healing wounds because it’s natural and powerful germ killer that can reduce infection and also help tissue regeneration process.


  1. Losing weight

Honey is natural source of fuel for body. The glucose in it can increase the sugar level of the brain and make it release fat burning hormones to the body that can help people to lose weight easily. The best way to use honey for getting great results is to use it as a natural sweetener instead of available bad sweeteners.


  1. Reducing stress

In this busy world People can have stress and use medical precision as a available treatment which can have serious side effects over some time. Honey is reach in many good vitamins that can reduce the stress level in people.


  1. Being good for heart

According to some proven researches, honey can reduce and control the cholesterol level of body which is important factor for heart health. High cholesterol level can cause serious problems for heart which can lead to heart attacks.


  1. Being good for hair

Honey is rich in emollient and also humectant which are great moisturizer for hair. These properties can give unbelievable shine and moisture to dry and damaged hair and make hair strong and healthy.


  1. Being good for kidney health

According to some research done by traditional medicine, honey is a great for kidney’s health. Honey can increase people’s urine output level and also cleanses of  creatinine.