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How to improve rating of your Instagram?


Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps around the world which was created in 2012 by two people called Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Since then it has experienced so much development that now it’s money making tool for most of the people around the world. Instagram has so many good options like stories, reels, question tag and other options which can be useful. Improving the rating of Instagram needs special knowledge and patience. There are so many different ways and strategies available to improve rating of your Instagram in short period of time. The more you use Instagram’s feature, the more improvement you get on your Instagram rating. Here are some tips with complete explanation for each that can be the key for success.


  1. Sharing high quality images

One of the best ways to improve rating of your Instagram account is to share high quality images. Having a good quality camera is an essential tool for taking different photos for your Instagram account. Also it’s important to edit your photos correctly before sharing it on Instagram. There are so apps like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop which are powerful apps for editing any photos.


  1. Posting more videos

Another way to improve rating of Instagram is to post videos. Videos are really attracting for many viewers on the Instagram. Using music and beautiful graphics can really make any video so eye catching.


  1. Writing meaningful captions

Writing strong and meaningful caption can add personality to any post shared on the Instagram account. Captions are considered a great tool for improving rating of Instagram account.


  1. Going live more often

Another useful way to improve rating of Instagram account is basically going live. Talking with audiences on live and paying attention to their comments and answering their questions while going live can really make magic for your Instagram account.


  1. Posting at appropriate time

Knowing the best time to share any post on Instagram is so important. Planning and scheduling when to post and being consistent in that process can make you feed look fresh and updated all the time.


  1. Sharing good stories

Posting stories continuously is also so important because according to many researches people are so much more interested in stories than post. Using colorful graphics and fonts on stories can increase the viewer.


  1. Using hashtags continuously

Using correct hashtags ralated to posted photo can really be game changing. There are so many apps available on the internet that everyone can use and find trending hashtags for their posts. Hashtags can increase the likes and probably the followers in a short period of time.


  1. Being more active on Instagram

Answering directs and comments continuously and being connected to your followers can show your respect for them. It can really be useful to improve rating of your Instagram account.


  1. Using Instagram new option (Reels)

Recently Instagram has added a new feature called reels which are for creating fun short musical videos. Using the latest features like Reels can attract audiences for sure.


  1. Using SEO in the correct way

Finding the best keywords for any caption can help anyone to actually win the Instagram algorithm. There are so many SEO specialist which can help you with finding and using the right keywords for captions.


  1. Using geolocation on posts

Some users on Instagram prefer to search locations for finding specific content. Pay attention to use location feature for some of your posts.


  1. Collaborating with influencers

One of the most powerful way to improve rating of Instagram is to do collaboration with famous influencers which have so many followers . That can be a good advertisement for your account and brand .


  1. Using IGTV

IGTV is a feature for posting longer videos on Instagram . It’s good for people who want to introduce their products with complete details. This feature has its specific fans which can help improve rating of your Instagram account.