infertility treatment

Infertility treatment in traditional medicine, Dr. Kheir Andish prescription


Infertility can be defined as a disease in which women are not able to get pregnant after trying for about one year or women who can get pregnant but they can’t stay pregnant. Infertility is a treatable disease and there shouldn’t be any worries about it. Traditional medicine has been one of the most effective ways available for treating infertility. There are many problems that can cause infertility. Here are some causes of infertility and it’s treatment in traditional medicine. Knowing these natural treatment are a great way to treat infertility with natural foods available.

·       Cause of infertility

  1. Environment
  2. Having hormonal problems
  3. Have kidney disease
  4. Being so thin or too fat
  5. Having so much stress
  6. Having bad diet
  7. Having celiac disease
  8. Having cervical mucus problem
  9. Having thyroid problems
  10. Having PID disease


Natural treatment in traditional medicine


According to traditional medicine there are many natural treatment for infertility that have no side effects for other parts of organs and everyone can get best results for it.

  • Pomegranate

According to traditional medicine, pomegranate is one of the best treatments for infertility. Pomegranate can boost fertility by increasing blood flow to uterus. Also pomegranate can make uterine lining more thicker which can reduce the risk of miscarriage in women and increase the natural development of fetus in women too which is amazing to use for infertility problems.


  • Dates

Being rich in many vitamins such as E, A and B and also some minerals like iron is great fruit that can increase women ability to conceive. Also it’s important to mention that this valuable vitamins and minerals found in dates can help women body to carry the child in whole period of pregnancy.


  • Indian ginseng

Indian ginseng which is also known as Ashwagandha is also helpful for women that have so much difficulty in conceiving. According to some researches done by traditional medicine, this amazing herb can keep hormonal functions in normal and balanced level. Also it can increase the natural function of reproductive organs in women and reduce the risk of miscarriage too.


  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the most powerful natural treatments for infertility. Also it’s good to know that it can maintain and control the healthy function of ovarian too. Also cinnamon has hot temperament which is great source of food for treating infertility and other diseases too.


  • Green tea

According to traditional medicine, green tea is rich in so many great antioxidant properties which are so helpful to treat infertility disease. These amazing properties can maintain and also increase reproductive health in normal condition. Also great tea is helpful for infertility problems in males too. Drinking once or twice a day will have amazing results for infertility.

  • Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds has been used for so many years for treating infertility problems because they are rich in zinc which is one of the most important minerals for fertility in women. Pumpkin seeds are powerful natural remedy for infertility problems.


Dr. Hussain kheirandish prescription for treating infertility in women


  1. Massaging waist, groin and lower abdomen with mixture of olive and sesame oil.
  2. Try to drink fennel water with one tablespoon of honey every night except period duration.
  3. Also drink Citrus aurantium (Bitter Orange)water with one tablespoon of honey and lemon balm seeds every night.
  4. On a daily basis you can eat seven figs, three dates in the evening and eat fourteen almonds, seven olives and twenty one raisins in the morning.
  5. Also it’s important to reduce eating foods that have cold temperament, especially at nights.
  6. Cupping therapy if needed.