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Advantages of Iranian Traditional Medicine for a healthy lifestyle

Iranian Traditional Medicine for a healthy lifestyle


Research shows that more than 60% of people in the world use traditional medicine in the first step of treatment. For this reason, countries with stronger traditional medicine have conducted scientific research so that the people of each country can use it as a first step in treatment. The spread of traditional Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine, Ayurveda, Persian and homeopathy, and hundreds of different schools and methods, represent this great global movement.

Iranian traditional medicine which is also called Persian traditional medicine is actually one of the old forms of traditional medicine which suggests wonderful information about having a healthy lifestyle. With increasing number of serious diseases and cancers in these days which are all because of having had and unhealthy lifestyle, It’s important to pay more attention to our lifestyle and gain proven knowledge about how we can live healthier in these busy world. Iranian traditional medicine can be wonderful help to start fresh and stay healthier. A healthy lifestyle should be all people’s main goal in the life. The view of traditional Iranian medicine is health-oriented and therefore maintaining health precedes treatment and paying attention to lifestyle and providing healthy air, proper nutrition, adequate activity and rest and balance of mental states is the motto of traditional Iranian medicine.


Principles of Treatments in Iranian Traditional Medicine:

Usually, people suffer from these diseases that have not followed the principles of proper nutrition in their temperament and have experienced the multiplicity or dominance of one or two qualities of the four qualities (cold, heat, dryness or humidity) in their body.

The principles of Iranian traditional medicines are based on one sentence: Each person needs to have their own nutrition based on their personal characteristics. Iranian traditional medicine emphasizes the prevention of diseases by teaching the right way of lifestyle. Temperament is the basis of Iranian traditional medicine. The ancient physicians were skilled in recognizing the temperament, and set the criteria for the diagnosis and treatment .Iranian Traditional Medicine brings the balance in temperaments and treat the diseases by proper diet and natural remedies.


Methods of diagnosing the disease in Iranian traditional medicine

The doctor’s accuracy and sharpness play an important role in diagnosing the disease. In traditional medicine, to diagnose the disease, the temperament of the limbs and the temperament of the patient, season and weather, are considered. In chronic diseases, the patient’s occupation and the diseases of the parents are also examined. Some other ways to diagnose the disease in traditional medicine are:

  • Touch (warmth, coldness, hardness and roughness of the limb)
  • Examination of skin, nails and hair (thinness, fragility, growth rate and loss)
  • Examination of the patient’s eyes and tongue
  • Pay attention to the materials excreted from the patient’s body (urine and feces)
  • Examination of the patient’s pulse
  • Pay attention to the patient’s mental issues (thoughts, beliefs, fantasies).


 The Principles of healthy lifestyle in Iranian traditional medicine :


  • Having healthy mind set and emotion

According to traditional medicine, If people try to control their mental states, they will probably be more healthier. Psychological and mental states in humans are joy, worry, sadness anger and also fear should be in normal and balanced level because if these mental states aren’t in balanced and normal level, they can cause bad effects on body. For example happiness which is one of the mental and psychological states can have great effects on human body when it’s on balanced level. Having joy and happiness in normal level can increase moisture and also heat for humans body and it can help with food digestion too. Exercising can maintain all human’s emotional states in balanced level.


  • Taking good bath

Taking bath is another way for having a healthy lifestyle because it can cleanse skin pores and increase the blood circulation which can be really helpful for body. Also Iranian traditional medicine suggests to use foot stones and also try to massage soles too while bathing because it can reduce anxiety,  headache and make you so relaxed. Unfortunately in these days taking a quick shower instead of taking a bath doesn’t do much for reducing anxiety.


  • Having healthy diet

According to traditional medicine, Having healthy diet is one of the most important factors for a healthy lifestyle. Using all fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy fats during the day which are rich in so many vitamins and minerals can help to stay healthy. Drinking certain herbal teas can reduce every day’s anxiety and stress that can cause serious problems for other organs. Also it’s important to know your body’s temperament to choose and eat foods which are suitable for body.


  • Staying in good weather

In ancient time, Iranians designed their homes with large windows facing to the east and the north and also tall roofs for getting a better air flow and sun. Also according to Iranian traditional medicine researches, the air which is around the plants like fig, cabbage and walnut is not good for live. Also in big cities the amount of air pollution is so high which can cause serious problems for human body.

  • Getting proper sleep

Iranian traditional medicine believes that improving sleep quality and stop depression and anxiety. Sleeping in sunset can make the whole body fatigue. Sleeping with full stomach can cause serious digestive issues and also bad dreams. Also sleeping when being so hungry can cause weakness. It’s important to sleep in proper and regular time for maintaining your overall health.


  • Having a good exercising program

Exercising is so important for both body and mind but also knowing the best time to exercise is significant too for keeping body healthy. For example in spring the proper time to exercise is probably late morning. In the summer the correct time for exercising is actually early in morning and in both autumn and winter the best time for exercising is in the evening. Also Iranian traditional medicine believes that exercising in hunger is not good for human body.