Medicinal Leech Therapy in traditional medicine



Medicinal Leech Therapy (MLT) is one of the traditional forms of treatment, which has received special attention from people and physicians. In ancient Iranian medicine, famous physicians such as Ibn Sina, Jorjani and Aghili used three methods of blood collection called Fasd(Phlebotomy), blood cupping and leeching to treat diseases . So far, 600 species of leeches have been identified and discovered, only 15 of which are used in medical medicine, because leech treatment has extraordinary therapeutic effects, and of course other leeches that are not used in treatment may be pathogenic and dangerous.


Some benefits of leech therapy


  •  Eliminate hair loss: Some doctors use leech therapy to treat hair loss Because leeches cause more blood flow to the scalp and the hair is nourished and thickened.
  • Heart diseases:People with heart disease have better blood circulation after leech treatment , thus preventing clogged arteries and its complications. Leeches are actually a natural angiogram.
  • Cancer: Examination of leech platelet blood and saliva inhibitors showed that although this method is not recommended for patients with leukemia, it is very suitable for lung cancer. Even an experiment on mice showed that injections of leech saliva prevented tumor formation.


  • Diabetes: People with diabetes, especially as the disease progresses, suffer from a number of problems, such as blood vessel disease, which impedes blood flow to organs and tissues in the body, sometimes leading to amputation. This is where leeches come in handy for diabetics and prevent tissue loss by creating better blood circulation.


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