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Natural remedies for cholesterol , Natural Efficient mixture of lemon-garlic to clean arteries


Cholesterol which is a kind of waxy substance present in the blood. Cholesterol is needed for different functions in the body. There are two types of cholesterol:


  • LDL cholesterol

LDL cholesterol which is also known as bad cholesterol can be dangerous for body when its level is increased in blood. Too much bad cholesterol in blood can start to build up in the human body’s arteries which are blood vessels that carry oxygen and also blood through the body. When the LDL cholesterol start up to build up so much hard fat (plaque) on the walls of artery that can cause serious problems like heart attacks for humans. High cholesterol has no obvious symptoms. The only way for detecting it is blood test.

  • HDL cholesterol

HDL cholesterol which is also known as good cholesterol is a cleanser for arteries which can clean and carry bad cholesterol to liver.


Natural Treatments

There are so many reasons like having bad diet, smoking and being overweight that can cause high cholesterol in humans. According to some researches done by traditional medicine, there are many natural remedies such as vegetables, beans, herbs and also fruits that can help you to lower cholesterol. Here are some natural treatments that can lower cholesterol level and cleanse blocked arteries from hard fat  in short period of time. Sharing this valuable information with friends and family can also be helpful for them for controlling their cholesterol level.


  1. Tomatoes

Being rich in fiber, Tomatoes can help to clean arteries from hard fat. Also Tomatoes contain high amount of lycopene which can lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and also triglyceride from your blood ,so its good to use it in your foods and salads.

  1. Spinach

Spinach which is one of the best leafy greens is rich in fiber, potassium and folate that can prevent arteries from being blocked. Also spinach can decrease homocysteine level that can cause serious health diseases for humans like atherosclerosis. You can you spinach both cooked or raw in different meals, salads and also smoothie. Also other dark leafy greens are helpful for reducing bad cholesterol too.

  1. Turmeric

According to traditional medicine, turmeric is one of the most powerful and effective spices that can clean blocked arteries and reduce the damage of arterial walls. Turmeric can also reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL) if added to milk. Before sleeping you can drink this wonderful turmeric tea that can reduce your LDL in short period of time.


  1. Watermelon

Watermelon is rich in amino acid called L- citrulline  which can promote nitric oxide production and relax the arteries. Also eating watermelon can decrease blood pressure too in short term.


  1. Broccoli

Broccoli is rich in vitamin K that can help to prevent arteries from getting blocked by hard fats. Also it’s significant to know that broccoli contains fiber which can lower cholesterol and blood pressure too. Try to use this vegetable in your smoothie or salads for getting the best results for it.


  1. Avocado

By increasing good cholesterol (HDL) and lowering bad cholesterol (LDL), avocado can be very helpful for clearing the arteries. Avocado is rich in potassium and also vitamin E that can prevent cholesterol from being oxidized and lower the blood pressure.


  1. Soya beans

Soya beans are natural proteins that can be very effective for heart health. It can decrease bad cholesterol level and increase good cholesterol level in the blood.


  1. Almonds and Walnuts

These nuts are rich in omega 3 which is needed for heart health. Almonds and walnuts can reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) by preventing its absorption in the body’s  intestines.


  1. Apple cider vinegar

According to some researches, Apple cider vinegar can be a natural remedy for lowering bad cholesterol. It’s better to add one tablespoon of it to a glass of water and drink it every day.


  1. Green tea

Green tea is rich in many good antioxidants that can help humans to lower bad cholesterol level and also keep their heart in healthy condition. Drinking two cups of it can be very good for reducing bad cholesterol in short period of time.


  1. Garlic

Garlic is rich in allicin which is a great sulfur containing compound that can lower bad cholesterol in short period of time. You can try to chew few cloves of it in the morning and at nights before sleeping. Also it’s important to know that raw garlic is better than cooked one for reducing bad cholesterol.


  1. Olive oil

Olive oil contains antioxidants and monounsaturated oleic acid that can reduce your bad cholesterol and also in increase your good cholesterol level in blood. Olive oil is known as one of the healthiest oils in the world which should be used in cooking instead of regular ones.


  1. Orange

Orange is rich in fibers and also antioxidants which can lower cholesterol level and promote blood vessels function in body.


  1. Pomegranate

Pomegranate contains phytochemicals which are one of the most important factors for preventing  arteries from getting blocked by hard fats.


  1. Basil

One of the most common natural remedies for lowering bad cholesterol is basil. You can boil some basil with a glass of water for about fifteen minutes and then drink it. This natural drink can keep you cholesterol level balanced.


  1. White tea

Another natural remedy is drinking white tea because it’s one of the most powerful remedies for lowering bad cholesterol level in blood.


  1. Dandelion

According to some research, Dandelion flower can also be helpful for lowering bad cholesterol. Try to boil a handful of Dandelion flower with a glass of water for about 5 minutes and then drink it.


  1. Chickpeas

Chickpeas are rich in fiber and also protein that can help to reduce bad cholesterol level and keep it in a normal and balanced level.


  1. Lentils

According to some researches. Lentils can increase good cholesterol level and also decrease the bad cholesterol level which can lead to heart diseases in humans.


The Natural efficient mixture of lemon and garlic to clean arteries and lower cholesterol



  1. 9  fresh lemons the green ones with thin skin
  2. 30 cloves of garlic
  3. a litre of water


Wash the lemon and garlic, and remove the skin of garlic , then put lemon slices with their skins and garlic into food processor and mixed until they are roughly crushed. Then boil the mixture with water but before it starts boiling turn off the oven  and let it cool.  Finally pour the mixture into a glass and put it in refrigerator. Try to take half of a cup after your meals by 40 days.


You will refresh your whole body with this mixture, not only cleaning arteries and heart and lowering cholesterol but also you will find better eyesight and better hearing.