meats benefits

Benefit of Meats and their temperaments in traditional medicine

Different types of meat and their temperaments

Different kinds of meat has been used by humans for thousands of year because they contain various vitamins and minerals needed for healthy function of humans body. There are different kinds of meat such as chicken, lamb, veal, camel meat, goat, deer, turkey, goose, duck, grouse, ostrich, quail, fish and shrimp. Here are short summary of different meat benefits, harms and also their temperaments which can help you to put the best meat in your diet according to your temperament which is an important key factor for staying healthy and strong all the time. Also it’s very important to know that there should always be moderation in consumption of different kinds of meat because using too much of them can be harmful for body. Share these various meat benefits with friends and family members too to make them aware of meats benefits and side effects.


Chicken (cold and wet), Country chicken (hot and wet)

Before mentioning the chicken benefits, It’s good to know that there are two types of chicken: country chicken and broiler chicken. Country chickens are grown naturally in country side fields but broiler chickens are grown in such a mass production. Basically country chickens are so much healthier than broiler chickens because they are not raised on antibiotics. Also it’s very important to know that broiler are injected by some kinds of hormones and additives which can increase the risk of early puberty and different cancers in humans. Broiler chickens contain more fat than country chicken ,so it’s better to use country chicken for preparing different meals of your diet.

  • Controlling blood pressure
  • Decreasing PMS symptoms
  • Preventing cataracts and other skin disorders
  • Promoting heart health and preventing different heart diseases
  • Keeping bones strong and healthy
  • Improving and protecting immune system
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Eating warm chicken soup can reliving sore throat.
  • Preventing serious cancers
  • Protecting vision
  • Managing weight
  • Being rich in protein

Harms: Based on Iranian traditional medicine, eating broiler chicken can cause infertility in men and different kinds of cancers because of all hormones that are injected to them.


Lamb (hot and wet)

  • Treating and preventing anemia (iron deficiency)
  • Regulating hormones functions
  • Supporting immune system
  • Boosting energy level
  • Being good for heart health
  • Keeping body’s nerves healthy
  • Repairing and maintaining muscle mass
  • Regulating cholesterol level


Veal (hot and wet)

  • Lowering saturated fat
  • Forming healthy and strong muscles
  • Improving energy level
  • Maintaining brain health
  • Keeping nerve system healthy
  • Improving metabolism
  • Preventing anemia (iron deficiency)

Note: Veal meat is hard to digest and people with poor digestive system shouldn’t eat too much of it.

Harms: According to some researches done by Iranian traditional medicine, Eating veal cab cause varicose veins, deadly cancers and spleen stiffness.


Camel meat (hot and dry)

  • Preventing deadly cancers
  • Lowering blood pressure level
  • Keeping heart healthy and strong
  • Treating depression and stress
  • Treating seasonal fever
  • Reliving shoulder pain
  • Improving eyesight
  • Easing hemorrhoid pain
  • Removing tapeworms
  • Losing weight
  • Treating cough

Note: Camel meat has warm and dry temperament and people who are hot tempered should eat less camel meat.


Goat (cold and dry)

  • Controlling weight
  • Lowering the risk of obesity in humans
  • Preventing diabetes
  • Preventing different cancers
  • Being anti inflammatory
  • Boosting fertility
  • Being good for bone health
  • Preventing depression
  • Being good for skin health
  • Being good for pregnant women
  • Boosting mood
  • Treating and also preventing anemia
  • Keeping heart healthy
  • Lowering blood pressure in humans
  • Regulating cholesterol level

Harms: Eating too much goat meat can cause obesity and food poisoning in humans.


Deer (hot and dry)

  • Keeping the brain healthy
  • Protecting heart from serious diseases
  • Being good for reproduction
  • Cleansing body
  • Protecting immune system
  • Being good for skin
  • Treating anemia
  • Being good for hormones production
  • Repairing muscles

Note: It’s harmful for people who are hot tempered and it can cause headache.


Turkey (hot and wet)

  • Controlling and balancing blood sugar level
  • Improving mood
  • Improving immune system
  • Increase energy level
  • Lowering bad cholesterol level
  • Keeping heart healthy
  • Fighting against depression
  • Promoting better sleep
  • Aiding weight loss in humans

Harms: Because of containing purine amino acids, It can be harmful for people suffering from gout. Also people who have kidney stones shouldn’t eat turkey because it contains oxalate.


Goose (hot and dry)

  • Being good for muscle health
  • Preventing cardiovascular aliments
  • Promoting overall health
  • Promoting gum health
  • Treating anemia (iron deficiency)
  • Being good for skin
  • Keeping hair healthy and strong
  • Lowering bad cholesterol level
  • Improving immune system
  • Supporting digestion
  • Improving healing process of tissues
  • Improving brain function and health
  • Reliving weakness and tiredness

Note: people with poor digestive system or other problems shouldn’t eat goose meat because it is really hard to digest.

Harms: Eating too much goose meat can cause fever. Also sensitive people shouldn’t eat goose meat.


Duck (hot and dry)

  • Strengthening bones
  • Strengthening teeth
  • Stabilizing body temperature
  • Being good for mental health
  • Improving immune system of the body
  • Keeping blood pressure in normal and balanced level

Note: The duck meat is hard to digest and people who have poor digestive system shouldn’t eat put duck meat in their diet

Harms: Eating too much duck meat can be fattening for humans ,so there should be moderation in using it in your diet.


Grouse (hot and dry)

  • Repairing muscles
  • Treating and preventing anemia
  • Being excellent source of protein
  • Helping fight against sickness
  • Being good for skin
  • Being good for hair health


Ostrich (hot and dry)

  • Boosting energy level because of B12 vitamin
  • Treating iron deficiency (anemia)
  • Treating chronic fatigue syndrome in people

Note: Hot tempered people shouldn’t eat too much ostrich in their diet because it has warm temperament and it can cause some problems for them.


Quail (hot and dry)

  • Being good for sexual potency
  • Being good for heart
  • Preventing anemia
  • Being good for diabetes
  • Having anti aging properties
  • Fighting against asthma
  • Preventing deadly cancers

Harms: Eating too much quail can cause serious kidney problems like kidney stones and headaches. Also because it has warm temperament, people who are hot tempered shouldn’t eat less quail.


Fish (cold and wet)

  • Aiding in weight loss
  • Promoting the development of muscles
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Increasing metabolism in body
  • Reducing blood pressure level
  • Fighting against many heart diseases
  • Reducing the risk of depression
  • Preventing colon, kidney and breast cancers
  • Protecting vision
  • Improving eyesight
  • Preventing asthma in children
  • Boosting brain health and function

Note: Fish is hard to digest and people who have poor digestive system or other digestive problems should eat less fish.

Harms: Drinking water right after eating fish can cause serious diseases and also it’s important to know that eating fish with milk, egg and other animal’s meat is so bad and harmful for body.


Shrimp (hot and wet)

  • Lowering caloric load
  • Balancing blood sugar level
  • Preventing serious heart diseases
  • Being good for hair
  • Keeping muscles strong and healthy
  • Providing healthy skin
  • Fighting against digestive problems
  • Reliving menstrual cramps in women
  • Preventing the risk of many cancers

Note: Shrimp is really hard to digest and people who have digestive problems shouldn’t eat shrimp. Also it can cause allergic reactions such as stomachache, nausea and skin itching in people with allergies. It’s good to do allergy tests before eating fish to make sure it doesn’t cause serious allergic symptoms in your body.