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Natural antacid remedy

What is gastric acid?

Gastric acid which is also known as stomach acid is fluid based in stomach that do the job of digestion. It’s natural PH level can be different from 1 to 3. Sometimes some problems and diseases can increase gastric acid in stomach which can lead to some serious problems like reflux. Reflux is a situation that the acid of stomach constantly flows back up into mouth. These problem is unpleasant for most of people who have once experienced this situation. There are many ways to stop this problem like going to doctor but drugs prescribed by doctors can have many side effects for body but there are many different natural antacid remedies that have no or few side effects which can be the best treatment for this problem. Here are some of the best and helpful natural antacid remedies with complete information about each.

  • Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is probably one of the most effective and also the cheapest treatment as a natural antacid remedy that can be easily found in every house. Basically for the best result, one or two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar should be mixed with one cup of water. This simple mix should be drunk once or twice a day. It should be noted that the apple cider vinegar should be unfiltered.


  • Banana

Banana has so many benefits for human body that one of them is being antacid. This delicious fruit can act as a powerful buffer against stomach acid and reflux. For getting the best results every person who suffers from reflux problem should eat one banana a day.

  • Cloves

According to many ancient traditional medicine, cloves are considered as one the most powerful natural remedies for any stomach diseases. It should be used in cooking and added to any cooked meal to cure reflux in a very short time.

  • Basil leaves

The third natural antacid remedy is basil leaves. This small green leaves are like a magic for high acidity of stomach. Basically for getting the best results a few of these leaves should be boiled with a cup of water and be drunk one or twice a day.

  • Cold milk

Drinking one cup of cold milk once or twice a day can help to maintain the PH of stomach which can reduce the acidity of stomach and keep it to its natural level. Drinking milk can cure serious stomach problems during short period of time so it should be included in everyday meal.


  • Grapefruit peel

Another natural antacid remedy among available fruits is grapefruit which can help anyone facing with reflux and heartburn. Eating a few stripes of grapefruit whenever experiencing a bad heartburn or reflux can reduce the symptoms easily after a short time.


  • Water

The easiest natural antacid remedy from all natural remedies mentioned above is water. Water can control the PH level of stomach and maintain it balanced. Also drinking water is good for maintaining hydration of body.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe vera helps digestion and is useful for treating inflammation and acid reflux. It is recommended to eat aloe vera gel before meals or drink some of this gel with your juice. Aloe vera juice contains  vitamins, minerals and enzymes useful for the immune system. This plant also contains fiber, which helps regulate bowel movements and reduce constipation, and is good for reflux disease.


  • Cumin

Cumin seeds can help treat acid reflux because they stimulate digestion and reduce digestive problems such as acidity and flatulence.let a teaspoon of cumin seeds boil in a cup of water. wait for 5 minutes and then drink. Drink it in the morning and after every meal. You can also add this spice to your food while cooking.

  • Some of the Herbal teas:

Drinking Chamomile, Mint , Fenugreek,Lemon balm and Mary thistle tea helps to reduce the symptoms of acid reflux.


  •  Some other advices :

-Eating a  red apple or some almonds after each meal can help prevent reflux disease.

– Add probiotic foods such as yogurt in your diet.

– Do not eat plenty of foods (especially before bedtime)

– Reduce your excess weight.

-Try to find the cause of gastric acid reflux and avoid it as much as possible.

-The most common causes are smoking, drinking alcohol, carbonated beverages or coffee, eating chocolate, citrus fruits, onions, garlic, spices, fried or fatty foods.

– sleeping on the left side of your body can be helpful. Studies show that sleeping on the right side may increase acid reflux problems.