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Natural remedies for treatment and prevention of Covid by a traditional medical practitioner

What to do and to take for Covid prevention


Dr. Tansaz who is an Iranian traditional medical practitioner  noted: “When the food is not yet digested, people should avoid eating something like sweets or fruit on it.

People should eat vegetable soup to prevent infection as well as better treatment; Especially soups containing carrots, olive oil and saffron. She recommends to Eat sweet fruits such as quince fruit, sweet apples, sweet citrus fruits and sweet pomegranate paste for treatment.

The traditional medicine expert said: Avoid overeating, fast food and foods with artificial colors and flavorsSleep on time, avoid irregular bedtimes and wake-up times, and avoid daytime sleep and insufficient sleep at night. Place a napkin soaked in rose water next to your mattress.

She stated: Rose extract is also effective in restful sleep. Have proper physical activity. Have a bowel movement at least once or twice a day. If one has difficulty defecating, can eat vegetable soup with olive oil every other day; Also  try eating 3 to 5 soaked figs before each meal.

She said: Pour rose powder on foods or brew and consume tea. Stress is a very important point and we should avoid stressful situations.

Eating fruits that strengthen the brain and heart, such as apples, oranges and lemons, or inhaling rose water, can reduce stress,” she said Daily deep breathing exercises in the form of deep breaths and exhalations are helpful.

To prevent infection, people can add a little cinnamon, ginger, garlic and onion, coriander seeds and black pepper to their diet,” said the Dr. Tansaz. These substances help people to get less Covid.

She said that rinsing the throat and nose with salt and dilute water and drinking of honey with fresh lemon juice will help preventing Covid disease. “It is desirable to use black seed as a suitable antiviral; In this way, black seed powder should be consumed with honey.

The traditional medicine expert said that inhaling natural fragrance like rose water  is effective, ” smoking Peganum harmala is also helpful, but this substance is not recommended for patients with lung problems.

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