kidney stones treatment

Natural remedies for kidney stones

Kidney stones

Kidney stones which are also known as renal calculi are deposits that are made of salt or other minerals inside the kidney. There are four types of kidney stones that are Cysteine stones, Calcium stones, Uric acid stones and Struvite stones. Some certain diets, medications and body weight can cause kidney stones. According to traditional medicine there are many different natural treatments for kidney stones which can help everyone to get over from this problem in short period of time. Here are complete detailed information about symptoms and treatments presented in traditional medicine which can be so helpful to know and gain valuable knowledge about it.



  1. Having bad pain in belly and back

One of the most important symptoms of kidney stones is probably having severe pain in back or belly. Kidney stone pain start suddenly when a stones moves in ureter.


  1. Seeing blood in urine

The next Synonym of kidney stone is seeing blood in urine. Sometimes the blood can be pink or red which is obvious but sometimes the blood is microscopic which needs special tests to be found out.


  1. Having pain during urination

This situation which is also known as dysuria happens when a stone moves between the bladder and ureter so when a person urinates, he or she feels bad pain and burning during urination.


  1. Having vomiting

Another Synonym for kidney stone is having vomiting. It’s body’s main reaction to severe pain caused by kidney stones.


  1. Having fever

The other Synonym of kidney stones is having fever which is the sign of kidney infection or kidney stones. Fever is the body reaction to some kidney disease too.


Which food can actually cause kidney stones?

Some foods like nuts, peanut, beef, tea, spinach and chocolate can cause kidney stones because of having oxalate ,so there should be serious limitation for using these foods to decrease the risk of getting kidney stones.


Natural kidney stones treatments in traditional medicine

There are so many natural treatments for kidney stones that have few or no side effects. These natural treatments have been used for thousands of years in traditional medical.


  • Cucumis melo fruit

According to many researches done by traditional medicine, the hydro alcoholic extract of Cucumis melo fruit skin can decrease the number of big Crystals and also facilitate the kidney stones excretion. The main discovery abut Cucumis melo fruit is done by Iranian traditional medicine.Also the seeds and the fruit itself can be used as a complete treatment.


  • Basil

For people who have kidney stones, mixing basil juice with honey can help with kidney stones. Basil tea is also good for kidney’s overall health too.


  • Pomegranate juice and seeds

Another natural remedy for kidney stones which is proved by traditional medicine is drinking pomegranate juice. Pomegranate juice can be the best treatment for kidney stones because of its sourness.


  • Dandelion roots

This roots act as an natural cleanser for painful kidney stones. It can break big crystals in to smaller crystals.


  • Green tea

Besides to its many benefits for human body, green tea can change the kidney stones shape and make them pass harmlessly through urine.


  • Apple cider vinegar

Drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with water can inhibit the formation of new kidney stones.


  • Parsley

According to traditional medicine researches, parsley can actually break the kidney stones and reduce the bad and severe pain.


  • Coconut water

Drinking coconut water 3 times a weed can decrease the size of kidney stones and cleanse the kidney from small kidney stones.


  • Drinking lemon juice

Lemon juice can also be a natural remedy for treating and preventing kidney stones.