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Natural remedies for treatment of sore throat

When you have a sore throat, a dry throat can make it difficult to swallow food. Sore throat is one of the symptoms of colds and coronavirus, people who have seasonal allergies may also feel a little dry and sore throat. It is best to consult a doctor before going to home remedies. If approved by your doctor, you can use a variety of hot drinks to reduce dryness and sore throat.

Arbitrary use of the drug to relieve the symptoms of colds and possibly the coronavirus is not recommended at all. To treat a sore throat at home, you can drink safe drinks only with a doctor’s advice. In this article, we will introduce some useful drinks to relieve sore throat.

Don’t forget to share this information with others and encourage them to use natural remedies for treating their sore throat easily. Balanced consumption of hot drinks during colds is safe and along with treatment, they help your healthy nutrition.


The best drinks for sore throat

When sore throat, drinking a cup of warm water reduces dry throat and relieves pain. Frequent coughs are usually caused by dry throat mucosa, which is why hot water reduces them in the best way possible.


  1. Lemon and honey drink

Lemon and honey are both used to treat colds. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and strengthens the body, honey also relieves pain. Research shows that eating some honey creates a coating on the throat mucosa and reduces its dryness.

Honey contains antibacterial compounds and is a natural booster against colds and flu. To make honey and lemon juice, just dissolve a tablespoon of honey and a few drops of fresh lemon juice in a glass of warm water and drink. This is one of the best natural remedies for treating sore throat.


  1. Honey and milk drink

Hot milk has long been used to cure diseases; A natural and healthy drink that softens the throat with its proper concentration. Milk is not only useful for fighting diseases, but also helps relieve allergies and sensitivities in the best way possible.

Drink a glass of warm milk immediately after inhaling chemicals such as disinfectants and detergents to remove contaminants from your respiratory and digestive systems. Heat a glass of milk, add a teaspoon of cinnamon and a tablespoon of natural honey. This potion with antibacterial and antiviral properties helps you to recover from the disease sooner.


Some good herbal teas for treating sore throat


Chamomile tea

If you are going to drink a miracle drink to relieve sore throat, cough and dry throat, do not hesitate to choose chamomile tea. Chamomile is rich in powerful antioxidants that have antibacterial properties and reduce swelling of the throat.

Drink chamomile tea with some honey to reduce the symptoms of colds. You can also put chamomile in the incense burner or inhale its extract. This herbal tea is one of the most common teas for treating sore throat in short period of time.



Ginger tea

Ginger root is very fragrant and has many anti-inflammatory effects and reduces sore throat. Research shows that ginger reduces the risk of respiratory infections.

It is better to use fresh ginger to make this tea. You can also mix ginger powder with some boiling water. Allow to brew for 10 minutes and drink it with some honey.


Lavender tea

If you are looking for a hot drink to relieve sore throat and inflammation, drink lavender tea. This plant is used to treat bronchitis, rhinitis and respiratory problems.

Consumption of lavender tea helps you to have less pain and dryness in the throat area. This drink clears the voice and is also effective in improving your sleep. Drink a cup of lavender before going to bed so that you do not cough during the night


Quince seeds tea

Most grandmothers used seeds to relieve sore throats. The seeds are rich in glaze and with some warm water can be an anti-inflammatory and analgesic drink.

Boil the seeds in water, pass it through a sieve. Drink it  with some boiling water and honey. This drink is such an amazing thing for treating sore throat in short period of time.


Fenugreek tea

Fenugreek tea reduces sore throat and swelling. Bacteria that cause swelling in the throat are killed by the antibacterial effect of this plant. Many of these teas are safe, but fenugreek teas can have serious side effects for pregnant women. It is necessary to consult a doctor before use.


Globe thistles

it is very useful for treating respiratory problems and dry cough. The only thing is that if you prepare it , you must break it and clean the black insect inside it.   Consumption of globe thistles is very useful for people who suffer from burning or dry throat or burning of the esophagus in cold or polluted seasons. Globe thistles has warm temperament.


Sore throat in kids

Sore throat in children has different causes, before you start treatment, it is better to find out the cause. Usually the most important difference between an allergy and a cold or coronavirus is pain.

Seasonal allergies usually have symptoms such as itching, burning, sneezing and dry throat. See your doctor right away if your child has a sore throat and has symptoms such as fever and body aches.


Banana and honey drink

Children often get anorexia and malnutrition during the common cold. Tonic drinks strengthen them and prepare the body to fight viruses and bacteria. Bananas contain a compound called lectin that surrounds and kills the virus.

Eating bananas helps to cure bronchitis and respiratory viruses. To make this delicious concoction, all you have to do is mix a banana with a spoonful of honey and a glass of milk.


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