onioin therapy

Natural remedies for infertility treatment in women, How to onion therapy?

Onion Therapy

Onion juice treatment which is also called onion therapy is a natural treatment invented by Ebrahim Adnan Siraj Oglu. Onion therapy has been used to treat  many different female disorders such as infertility, vaginal infections and discharge, menstrual irregularities, premature menopause and small or medium uterine myelomas. According to his claims, people who couldn’t have child because of infertility was able to have children. Here are orange juice recipe and some extra and useful information for women facing this issue.


How to make onion juice?

First boil two glasses of water. Then pill two yellow onions. After that chop onions in to 4 or 6 small pieces and add them to boiling water. Be aware that adding chopped onions to boiling water will make the mixture boil again. After boiling 5 minutes, turn off the flame and strain it. Finally let the onion juice cool down for about ten minutes. Try to drink onion juice twice a day, ten minutes before lunch and also dinner. Also there is no problem for people who have stomach issues. They can drink it after 2 or 3 hours after their meal.


Duration of onion therapy

Onion therapy must be done in fifteen days which should be started from 5th day of women menstruation and continued to 15 days. Then it should be stopped and then started again in next 5th day of menstruation. This treatment process should be done for 3 times for getting the best results for it.


Some important notes to know


  • Menopausal women

In this condition every woman should give 15 days of onion juice treatment and 15 days of rest which is so important. For example if you started the first course of onion juice treatment on the 10th of January and continued it to 25th of January, Start the next treatment course on the 10th of February. Also if severe period happens during the course of treatment you should stop the treatment and start it from the next 5th day of menstruation. Try to do the onion juice treatment continuously for about 3 mouths.


  • Women with irregular or unpredictable periods

If women experience any irregularity during a 40 day period of time, they should start the onion juice treatment on the 5th day of menstruation but if distance gets longer they should continue it as paragraph A instruction. Something extra to mention is that After starting the onion therapy if your habit disturbed for any reason, use a new habit to start with.


Extra notes

  • It’s very important to only use yellow onions for this treatment because red or white onions are not suitable at all in onion therapy.
  •  The onion juice should be prepared and used fresh and warm for showing its best effects ,but women who are so busy and not at home to drink it 10 minutes before the meal should prepare it as soon as they come home.
  • Don’t be worry if you see any bleeding and white vaginal discharge because it’s natural thing that can happen during onion therapy.
  • Pregnant women shouldn’t use this therapy at all because of miscarriage. Also women who have digestive problems shouldn’t use this onion therapy. They can use other available treatment for this problem. There are many other natural treatments available for infertility that can be useful too.
  • It’s important to use chlorine free water for making onion juice.
  • This treatment method should be done exactly as it’s mentioned. In case of any interpretations, it’s better to start the treatment again for getting the best results out of it.
  • Onion juice can also be used after 2 or 3 hours after meals, for people having stomach issues.
  • It’s better not to get constipated during the onion therapy.
  • It’s better to stop taking any hormonal drugs while you’re doing onion therapy but there is no bad point to taking these drugs during the therapy.
  • Any unusual bleeding, pain or vaginal discharge is normal during onion therapy ,but if you bleed continuously it’s better to stop the treatment and use other available treatments instead.
  • People at any age can use onion therapy without having any worries.
  • Using onion therapy with IVF can increase the level of success in women having infertility problems.