persian leek

Persian Leek Benefits

Persian leek

Persian leek is a kind of valuable vegetable which has long and slender leaves leading to a white small onion at the lower part of its stem. Basically leek belong to the same family as garlic and onions but it has milder and sweeter taste. Leek is one of the best and most valuable vegetables which is rich in vitamin C, iron, folic acid, magnesium and also vitamin B6. According to some researches leek has so many benefits for human body that can prevent or treat some serious diseases. Try to share this useful information about leek benefits with your friends and family members too.


Leek benefits


  1. Being anti cancer

Leek is rich in great antioxidant properties that can protect you against getting some common cancers like ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.


  1. Lowering bad cholesterol

Being rich in fiber and also vitamin C, leeks can lower bad cholesterol which can lead to some serious heart diseases. For having a healthy heart you should put leeks in your every day diet.


  1. Being good for skin

Leeks are rich in good vitamins such as A, K and C which are so important for skin. These vitamins can protect your skin from UV radiation which is very harmful for skin.


  1. Controlling blood sugar level

Eating leeks is highly recommended for people who have diabetes because it can keep blood sugar in normal and balanced level which is so great. Eating leeks can be considered as a good natural remedy for diabetic patients that had no side effects.


  1. Strengthening sexual power

According to some studies, leek can be helpful for strengthening sexual power and eating it with honey can work as natural sexual stimulant in humans.


  1. Treating urinary tract diseases

Leek is one of the best natural treatments for treating some common urinary tract diseases in people such as kidney stones and also urinary tract infections.


  1. Treating respiratory diseases

Eating leek soup can be very helpful for people suffering from serious respiratory diseases and also shortness of breath. There are many delicious leek soup recipes available on the internet that you can find and try to make them at home.


  1. Having antiseptic properties

Leeks can work as a natural antiseptic properties which can protect human body from bad  infections and contaminations.


  1. Treating anemia

People who are suffering from anemia have iron deficiency problems. Being rich in iron, leeks can be very helpful for people to treat anemia. Also leeks contain vitamin C too which can increase the absorption of iron.


  1. Promoting thyroid health

Leeks contain vitamin B6, iron and also folate which are so helpful for normal function of thyroid hormone and also these vitamins and minerals can decrease PMS symptoms too.


Benefits of using leeks as topical application


  1. Using grated leeks as a natural topical application can treat insect bites. For treating urticaria and also itching all you have to is mixing fresh leek juice with some sumac and put it on the skin. Also rubbing crushed leeks on skin can be very helpful too.


  1. Another usage of leeks as topical application is for treating hemorrhoids that you can cook some leeks and put half a gram of cooked leeks in the place of hemorrhoids.


  1. Dropping a mixture of leek juice and vinegar in can stop noise bleeding.


Harms of leek


  1. Leek contains high amount of oxalate which is bad for people who have kidney stones. This people shouldn’t use too much leeks in their diet.


  1. According to some researches done by traditional medicine, eating too much leek can damage the gum and also decrease vision in humans.