pregnany nausea

Pregnancy Sickness(hyperemesis)

I had a very difficult pregnancy,  couldn’t digest any food. Vegetables , rice, soups, could make me worse even ginger or other treatments couldn’t help me. I had vomiting all the time(hyperemesis gravidarum). The whole 9 months of pregnancy I had this sickness.   One of the treatments that traditional Iranian medicine recommends for controlling pregnancy nausea and strengthening the stomach muscles is that pregnant women should stop eating anything except having a mutton lamb kebab (sheep meat) every 2 hours with Dried pomegranate seeds and ground sumac.Pregnant women should eat this food without rice and bread once every 2 hours to relieve their nausea. Disappearance of nausea usually occurs within one to two days. Adding pomegranate and ground sumac also helps to expel harmful substances from the stomach, so these substances should not be removed from the kebab. But even when pregnant women experience nausea after eating kebab, they should keep cool and continue eating kebab in their 2-hour meal, because even the small amount of kebab that is digested and absorbed by the stomach strengthens it. I had orange juice between the meals when I felt thirsty. I used to repeat these 3 days kebab diet when I was very bad again.

Of course consult with your physician before taking any treatments, it was prescribed by my physician for me.

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