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sour tea

Natural remedies for high blood pressure in traditional medicine

Many adults around the world suffer from high blood pressure.…
hair fall teartment

Treatment of hair fall in traditional medicine

Hair fall which is also known as alopecia is a common problem…
corona syrup

Treatment of Corona Virus, The most efficient syrup recommended by Dr. Taleghani Research group based on traditional medicine

An efficient syrup for treatment of corona virus by Dr. Taleghani(Ghadir…
Parkinson herbal tea

Natural remedies for Parkinson patients

Some of the Natural Remedies for Parkinson patients Dairy…
lower cholestrol

Natural remedies for cholesterol , Natural Efficient mixture of lemon-garlic to clean arteries

 Cholesterol Cholesterol which is a kind of waxy substance present…
early puberty

Traditional treatment of Precocious puberty

Precocious puberty Precocious puberty can be defined as a situation…
antacid remedy

Natural antacid remedy

What is gastric acid? Gastric acid which is also known as stomach…