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What is your temperament in Iranian traditional medicine?what foods are good for you?


Temperament which is known as Mizaj in Iranian traditional medicine is a concept that classifies people healthy or ill. This principle plays an important role in treating different diseases and maintaining health. Temperament of any person is different from another person and fluctuate between exact minimum and maximum limits. Any specific change in people’s temperament brings about a certain change in person’s normal health ,so keeping temperament in balanced and normal level is so important. There are four different types of temperament which are known as sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic. Here are complete detailed information about each of these temperament types and good or bad foods choices based on them. Also it’s important to mention that  all of these information are proved by Iranian traditional medicine and gaining knowledge about them can help everyone to stay heartier and happier.

Sanguine (warm and wet)

  1. People with sanguine temperament are have so muscular bodies. These people have bigger lips, bones and body organs. They always feel hot, have soft and smooth skin and black thick hair with great volume.
  • Food

People with sanguine temperament should eat and drinks food such as pomegranate ash, vegetarian food, any kind of soup, Sekanjabin, cucumber soup, yogurt soup or any streamed vegetables that can be the best and healthy option for them. Also it’s very important for people with sanguine temperament to avoid eating foods such as cream, butter, spicy and salty foods, egg, potato or pasta because these kinds of food may cause problems for them.


Choleric (warm and dry)

People with choleric temperament are very active people in general. These people are under weighted and small. They are always thin and tall and all of their body parts are not big. They have yellow and dry skin type. Also it’s very important to mention that people with chronic temperament feel hot which can sometimes cause them problems like hypothermia.

  • Food

It’s best for people with chronic temperament to eat foods such as cucumber, watermelon, milk and lettuce. Also it’s better for these people to cut down some food and drinks like tea, sweets, chili, salt and caffeinated drinks.


Melancholic (cold and dry)

According to Iranian traditional medicine, All people with melancholic temperament are usually small and don’t have big body parts at all. These people have lots of sleeping problems, dry and very rough skin, curly hair type, more likely to have some mental problems like bad depression and also they are unhurried in speaking and acting.

  • Food

People with melancholic temperament are very sensitive to food and drinks that have cold and dry temperament. People of this type should use food that are hot  and also moist such as  almonds, ginger, honey, sugar, cheese, wheat, peaches and milk and they should avoid foods that have dry and cold temperament such as all kinds of pickled vegetables, lentil, eggplant or any food that contains vinegar in it.


Phlegmatic (cold and wet)

People with phlegmatic temperament are so bulky and their bodies contain huge amounts of fat. They can have some problems like oversleeping, watery eyes and runny nose all the time. Also they have smooth skin and soft and straight hair type.

  • Food

According to Iranian traditional medicine, people with phlegmatic temperament are better to use foods such as banana, spinach, apple and fresh vegetables are the best eating choices for these people to stay healthy but these people should cut down and limit eating some kind of foods such as all dairy products, salty foods, fruits and vegetables which contain so much water in them because it can cause them some health problems.