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Traditional treatment of Precocious puberty

Precocious puberty

Precocious puberty can be defined as a situation when child’s body starts to change in to that of an adult too soon . It contains rapid growth of children’s bones, muscles and some changes in body’s shape and size . Precious puberty usually begins before age of 8 in girls and before age of 9 in boys. Precocious puberty has some symptoms which shows the development of some factors in boys and girls body before it actual time. Some children with precious puberty grow quicker than peers and some of girls and boys may have social and emotional problems which can cause so bad depression or substance abuse,  in them.

In this article there are complete and detailed information about all symptoms of precocious puberty, some Iranian traditional medicine treatments and some easy home remedies that can be helpful to delay precious puberty in girls and boys.

  • Symptoms

  1. Acne
  2. Adults body odor
  3. Facial hair
  4. Breast growth and experiencing first period in girls
  5. Underarm hair
  6. Social and severe emotional problems
  7. Depression


Some of the  best and easy home remedies to delay precious puberty in children

Also there are other home remedies available to delay precious puberty. Here are some great examples with complete detailed information about it.

  1. Drinking lots of water

Drinking lots of pure water should be all children’s first priority in life . Water contains lot of trace minerals which are so important for body also it can improve body’s hydration too. Drinking eight glasses of water a day can act as a cleanser for the body. It also so important to use filtered and pure water.

  1. Using natural products

Some of the products like locations, creams and sops contains some sort of chemicals that can mimic hormones of body which is bad for young teenagers. Finding natural brands or finding the great recipes online on some websites and make your own simple and pure beauty products can be so helpful.

  1. Eating organic vegetables and fresh fruits

Using fresh fruits and vegetables instead of some junk foods like soda, chocolate and chips that can be so toxic for children’s body is so important and all parents should be aware and gain knowledge about their children’s diets.

  1. Exercising

All parents should encourage their children to exercise more and more to be fit. Because being fat can have harmful effects on their hormones and it can also cause precocious puberty. Some of the good exercises can be hiking, going for walk and running.

  1. Avoid using plastic food containers and wraps

Plastic food containers or wraps can contain toxic chemicals in them which can cause hormonal problems in boys and girls like precocious puberty.

6-Vitamin d supplements

According to many researches, Vitamin d supplements can help to delay precocious puberty in most of girls. Girls with precious puberty have severe vitamin d deficiency but the main relationship between early development and vitamin d deficiency is still unclear.


How to delay precious puberty in  traditional medicine?

According to Iranian traditional medicine there are some ways to delay precocious puberty in children. Some of the  efficient ones are:

  1. Controlling children’s diet in order to reduce their body temperature.
  2. Controlling children’s weight as the most important factor
  3. Controlling and limit eating junk food.
  4. Encouraging children to exercise more.
  5. Reducing children’s body temperature by making foods that contain pomegranate.
  6. Making children more relaxed by feeding them plum.
  7. Feeding children almond to keep their body hydration in the best condition.
  8. Making sure that children get enough sleep.
  9. Avoid eating factory farmed chickens and eggs