Chaste berry

Natural remedies for early menopause by traditional medicine specialists

Dr. Ozmai Prescription for  Premature Menopause

Early menopause occurs when the ovaries are not able to produce hormones. It means that they don’t respond effectively to stimulation of the pituitary gland that regulates ovaries function. Dr. Ozmai clarified about the effective factors in causing early menopause: Nutrition issues, neurological problems, anemia, removal of ovaries and uterus, chemotherapy, taking some drugs and common infections can cause this disease. Regarding to the symptoms of early menopause Dr. Ozmai said: Hair loss, hot flashes, sweating and unwanted hair, pimples and also redness of the skin and dizziness are symptoms of early menopause. This researcher of the traditional medicine said: For reducing the side effects of early menopause, following the right nutritional and behavioral patterns, exercising and being relax can have good effects on preventing early menopause. Also he added: consuming foods that can increase estrogen hormone level such as soybean, apple, alfalfa, cherry, vegetable, beans, barberry, lentil and carrot can have amazing effects on the prevention and treatment of early menopause. By emphasizing the good properties of Chaste tree in preventing the early menopause Dr. Ozmai said: Using fennel tea , celery seeds, dill seeds, licorice, oregano can reduce the pain and also spasm caused by early menopause.

He also reminded that using fennel decoction, passion flowers, and some herbal distillates such as fumitory, chicory, Hawthorne and descurainia sophia and chia can reduce the symptoms of menopause and hot flashes in women.


Dr. Khodadadi prescription for  premature menopause

High consumption of food which has cold temperament (acidic ones) such as pickles, dairy products and ice cream can cause early menopause. For treating this disease, patients should eat foods with hot temperament such as sesame seeds, tahini, sesame oil, parsley, saffron, cinnamon, ginger, garlic and onion with their everyday meal.

For preventing and treating constipation, they can increase drinking water throughout the day.


Dr. Kheirandish prescription for  premature menopause

Take the combination of half beaten black seeds with honey, 2 units honey and 1 unit black seeds ,and take about one teaspoon per day.