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Natural remedies for treatment of low & high blood platelets in traditional medicine; Dr. Kheir Andish Diagnosis

Treatment of low blood platelets(Thrombocytopenia)

  •   Mix a combination of (2 units of camel brain + 1 single sheep brain) then cook and crush them. From this combination,take  one tablespoon each day.Use up to one tablespoon depending on the amount of platelets in the blood.
  •  After 40 days, have a blood  test and see the increase . Generally foods with warm temperament like tahini and grape syrup can increase the number of blood platelets.

Treatment of high blood platelets(Thrombocytosis)

  • Honey vinegar syrup (2 units of mint juice + 2 units of honey + 1 unit of natural grape vinegar ). Pour a third of a glass of this syrup and pour the rest with water and drink it one hour after dinner for about 120 nights.
  •  general blood cupping 2 or 3 times every 40 days.
  •  Avoid foods with Saudā (cold and dry) temperament such as eggplant, tea, beef, lentils, sausages, etc.
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