Natural Remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome by Dr. Kheir Andish

This disease is the same tingling and numbness  of the wrist and fingers that is more common in women today. According to traditional medicine, this disease is caused by black bile (Saudā ;cold and dry temperament) sediment on the bottom of the hand.

Traditional Remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome by Dr. Kheir Andish

A)Drink Honey vinegar(Oxymel), one glass per night with a tablespoon of Peganum Harmala. To prepare honey vinegar syrup: two glasses of honey + two glasses of mint water + a glass of natural grape vinegar. (80 nights)

Note: Do not take peganum harmala after 40 nights.

B) (4 units of black seed oil or ( olive oil) + 2 units of honey + 1 unit of natural grape vinegar) 2 tablespoons of this combination should be consumed(drink) daily (80 days) .

C) After 40 days of taking above medicine do general blood cupping

D) Blood Cupping of the forearms (shoulders) two weeks later

E) Forearm cupping two weeks later

F) If it is not treated, apply Leech Therapy on the wrist

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