landing page

What is a Landing Page?

Landing page is the first page through which visitors come to your site or your blog .You should have special attention to your landing page due to your site SEO. Sometimes webmasters and SEO experts stick into technical and off page issues and forget about things like page user experience(UX) and page design, while these are also important factors in ranking a site for a search engine.

Visitors usually do one of the following three things after viewing the landing page:

  •  They browse the content of the page and close it.
  •  They will go to another part of your site through the links you put on the page.
  •  Perform another action (other than viewing other pages). For example, they will register their email on your site, or download a suggested file, or leave a comment below your article, or call the phone number you put on the page, or buy the product that you have introduced.

How many landing pages does each site have?

It depends and can be any numbers. The home page of the site, also known as the Home, is usually a key landing page on any site. But the first page of a site is not necessarily the only landing page.

Landing page of your site and blog has the most impression on visitors. The audience will judge your work, your writing, your product and your brand based on the landing page.  As your site or blog grows, you probably won’t be able to easily manage all of your landing pages .Therefore, you should probably select a number of key landing pages and spend more time on them.

To Select key landing pages you should know which of your pages have the most traffic through Google and other search engines? Investing in reviewing, editing, and optimizing these pages is necessary.Which of your pages are profitable? One page may have 50 entries per month and another page may have 5,000 entries. But if you sell a profitable product in the page with less vistors , it makes sense to take it seriously and not leave it out of the list of priorities due to the relatively low traffic.If you plan to send links of some pages of your blog website via telegram or other messaging software to others focus on them and improve it.

 What pages are considered as landing pages?

Pages considered as landing pages can be the pages that introduce or explain a product.For example, the landing page of a store site can be its category page, because all the products of that store are on this page, in fact, this landing is the sales page of that store.Or in a service and corporate site, a page where it introduces its services and the benefits of its services is its landing page.landing pages can also be temporary and seasonal, for example, you have a big discount and a festival on the occasion of Christmas, and you create a page for it and direct users there, this model of landing pages can be seen on well known sites.

Landing Page Optimization(LPO)


Off-page SEO for landing pages:

  • Introducing landing pages in your profiles on social networks (for example, in the Bio Instagram section)
  • Send links to your audience in email marketing
  •  introduce pages to users via SMS, or through mobile applications so that the audience can click on them to enter the site.

In-Page SEO

  • Short but useful content;Your landing page should not be like a blog page with long texts, the user who enters a landing page is looking for services or products and has not come to learn and study. So we should try to tell our features and advantages to the user with the least words.
  • Determine and plan keywords;
  • pay attention to URL
  • optimize Page speed-
  • explain about your unique features and advantages-
  • Use video and podcasts if needed; Sometimes a one-minute video or podcast may be the equivalent of a thousand-word text and convey the meaning. Also, putting a video and podcast on the pages double the SEO landing page because the search engine welcomes this and ultimately gives more value to your page which will affect your SEO.
  •  Use colors well and simplify the design (optimize User Experience)
  • Repeat CTA (Call to action)If for any reason you have to design a long landing page, be sure to repeat the Call To Action button at various intervals, this will help you reach your goal faster. Because the user wants to know at all times where the end of the story is and what to do?
  •  Remove the Navigation Bar from the page!   Eliminate any extra links like Navigation ( Remove the navigation bar next to the page) which causes  users leave the page ,so that the user is focused on exactly what you want.
  • Divide your landing page users and page traffic. If you have different types of users, design a separate landing page for each. For example, you may have noticed that the type of behavior of the audiences who come to your website from social networks is different from the ones you get from click-through ads, so design a separate landing page with a single message.

Remember that optimizing your landing page is something continuously must go on. Keep testing user experience to improve conversion rate and  further as your products and the needs of your users change.