Redirect for SEO

What is Redirect?

Redirecting between pages on websites is a common task, but you should be very careful not to hurt the SEO.

What are the reasons for using redirects?Redirects should be avoided as much as possible, but in some cases the use of redirects is part of updating or maintaining the website, and their use is unrestricted in these cases. There are many reasons to use redirects, but the following is a list of some of the most common ones: ·

  •   When you delete a page or post from your website·
  •   When updating or making any changes to the content of the website·
  •   When eliminating or fixing keyword related problems·
  •   When using www in the domain of the website·
  •   Changing HTTP to HTTPS(activating SSL)·
  •   Restructuring the website URL·
  •   Changing CMS·
  •  Changing the domain of the website·
  •  When  merging multiple websites together·
  •  Facing 404 Errors

When we come across error code 404, it means that the page was found. In fact When you delete a page from your website, it will not be removed completely, and users will enter the page by searching the search engines, but what is displayed will be a 404 error.But when we talk about 300 series code, the code means what kind of redirect must occur.


301 Redirect vs. Redirect 302

So let’s talk about the 300 code series Redirect:

Redirect 301: The page is permanently redirected and is suitable for SEO.

Redirect 302: The page is temporarily redirected.

There are several options for this, but overall, 301 Redirect is the preferred choice for users and search engines. Creating a 301 redirect to both browsers and search engines indicates that the page has been completely redirected. Search engines might also consider the content have been updated.


How to do a redirect?

This is usually done manually via the .htaccess file on Linux hosts or using plugins on WordPress sites.

Redirection is the most popular wordpress plugins you can find in

If you activate SSL in your website I would suggest you to use the REALLY SIMPLE SSL plugin.

Yoast SEO Premium is another alternative helping you to redirect automatically when transferring or deleting content.In addition, working with this plugin is very easy and you will not be confused.





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