yoga and meditation

Yoga and Meditation for a Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga and Meditation

For achieving healthy and balanced lifestyle, yoga and meditation should become regular daily practice. Both yoga and meditation are ancient and important practices for the  management of lifestyle in the best way possible. In this busy life that people always face so much stress in their life yoga and meditation become so popular among this generation. Yoga was developed by Indians about five thousand years ago and meditation which is known as spiritual exercise and activity was originated in China and India in 1500 BCE. There are yoga and meditation classes that people can take or they can watch yoga and meditation videos on YouTube and follow with them. These online yoga videos provide different yoga exercises for every day which are so helpful for mental and physical health of all people specially busy people who have so much stress in their life and always look for different techniques to get rid of stress and tension.

There are many types of yoga and meditation that each has their own function and benefits. Here are some benefits of yoga and meditation with complete explanation about different types of yoga and meditation that are so popular for having a healthy and joyful lifestyle. It’s also important to share this helpful information about yoga and meditation with your friends and family members and encourage them to try doing them for improving their lifestyle.

Benefits of yoga


  1. Improving balance and flexibility

Deep breathing accompanied by slow and relax movements can improve the blood flow in body warm up all the body’s muscles and remove tiredness from them in short period of time.


  1. Reliving back pain

Yoga is kind of good scratching exercise for reliving back pain in short period of time. All the scratching exercises in yoga can make back muscles relaxed and free from pain.


  1. Benefiting heart health

Having lots of stress during the day can increase the blood pressure which is one of the factors that cause health problems for heart. Yoga can decrease the level of stress which can lead to a healthier heart.


  1. Helping you to sleep better

Yoga can make the positive mindset and also prepare body to sleep better without any difficulty. Getting a good and enough sleep is one of the most important factors for having healthy mind and body.


  1. Increasing energy level

Yoga can really bring you positive vibes and energy and reduce all the bad energies from mind and body. Also focusing during yoga can make people fell more satisfied about their bodies which is a great thing to know and gain valuable information about it.


  1. Controlling weight

Another benefit of yoga is that by developing mindfulness through yoga person can become more sensitive and careful about cues of both hunger and fullness and also make so much better relationship with food. Also it increases body tolerance against any food cravings too.


Different types of yoga


  • Restorative yoga

The main goal of this type of yoga is actually for breathing and relaxation. This type of yoga is the best type of yoga for relieving stress and tension from body.

  • Lyengar yoga

This type of yoga  is great for people who are doing yoga for alignment and practicing different kinds of poses. People who are practicing this yoga type use straps and blocks for doing this yoga in correct way.

  •  Ashtanga

This type of yoga is probably the oldest form of yoga that follows special and unique postures. Every single movement in this yoga is linked to a breath.



Benefits of Meditation:


  • Increasing relaxation.
  • Improving overall blood circulation.
  • Reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Lowering heart rate.
  • Being more mindful and positive.
  • Lowering blood pressure.
  • Increasing creativity in people.
  • Increasing tolerance
  • Developing self awareness.
  • Increasing imagination in people.


Different types of medications

  • Concentration meditation

This special type of meditation is all about concentrating and focusing on a single thing like breath or anything. It’s good to start concentration meditation for short time and step by step increase it.

  • Mindfulness meditation

In mindfulness meditation is so unique meditation type that people should take notes about their thoughts and also feelings and find out the formation of these patterns in mind.